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SEO for Small Business Websites

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is essential if you want your website to rank high in the search results. Higher ranking means more traffic to your website, and ultimately more leads and sales. At EMA, our team follows SEO best practices to assure your website content is more useful, engaging, and search engine friendly so your pages will rank higher in the search results.

Fact “Internet users who accessed search services through search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo is approximately 236.5 million and will reach 239.1 million by 2020”-- Source
SEO for Small Business Websites

As a small business owner you're probably asking yourself, what can I do to make my website rank higher in search results? Although this may sound like a straightforward question, the answer is anything but simple.

Here's How Search Engines "Rank" Your Website

You launch your new website and Google visits it to "index" your site. It is then compared to other sites in the same industry that talk about the same things others in your industry talk about. Google then "Ranks" your website, which determines where it will show up in the search results. Think of "ranking" in this way... Google gives you a score and awards you a "spot" in the search results based on where it thinks you deserve to be placed (e.g. 3rd page, 2nd position etc.).

SEO Best Practices

Each page on your website should provide useful, sharable content that is specific to a given topic. The pages should include the following:

  • Title Tag - This is the HTML tag that shows the “Title” of your web page.
  • URL - This is URL of the page (e.g.
  • Page Content - This is all of the content on the page including; text, photos, images, videos, etc.)
  • Alt Text on Images - This describes what the photo or image is about or its function. Visually impaired users with screen readers will be able to tell what the image is.

What are the Most Important SEO Ranking Factors?

Although there are hundreds of ranking factors, here is a shortlist of the ones we believe to be the most important:

  • An accessible and secure website
  • Fast-loading pages
  • Mobile friendly
  • How old your domain name is, and how much authority it has
  • The page content is high-quality, useful, sharable, and optimized
  • The website follows SEO technical best practices
  • Provides a good user experience
  • Pages contain links to other relevant internal pages and external sites
  • Social signals - Social media visibility considered by search engines
  • Accurate business information - Name Address Phone (NAP)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Business Websites

On-page Ranking Factors

Here is a shortlist of on-page ranking factors to consider:

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