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Litia Gomez

Jul 10, 2023


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Many business owners mistakenly believe that digital marketing is only for large companies. Search engine optimization (SEO) is helpful for businesses of all sizes. Small business operators need to use local SEO to promote their businesses. Consider these reasons to use local SEO at the company you operate.

Increases Visibility

When you write blog posts, optimize listings for Google Maps, ensure consistency of name and numbers across the internet, and get your business listed in link-building local directories, your business becomes more visible to Google's raters and robots. Then, when a customer searches for your products and services, Google shows your company's name and location to the customer. Therefore, using local SEO makes your small business more visible to potential customers.

Delivers More Targeted Traffic

Using local SEO brings in more customers to your company. Moreover, it delivers customers ready to purchase your small business's products or services. Therefore, you do not have to spend resources to make the sale since these customers contact your business ready to make a purchase.

Puts More Customers In Your Revenue Funnel

Revenue Funnel - Leads, prospects, customers

While every small business loves the customer who is ready to buy as soon as they contact your company, that is not always realistic. Using local SEO delivers more customers into the top of your revenue funnel. Therefore, you get more leads for your sales team to start nurturing. Of course, getting leads is only part of your success. Using local SEO helps deliver higher-quality leads. Therefore, you are using your time and budget effectively to develop leads that are qualified to make purchases.

Improves Search Ranking

Consistently working on your SEO improves your search engine ranking pages (SERP) ranking. This is key to increasing the number of leads your company gets because Google will suggest your business more often when a customer in your community is looking for your specialties. One way they do this is by showing customers your company's Google My Business listing directly on the SERP page. When this happens, your company's contact information and reviews are found on the right side of the SERP page, increasing the chances that a customer will contact you. Sometimes, customers even get an option to contact your company directly from the SERP page.

When you use local SEO, you are increasing your credibility in Google's eyes. Therefore, they are more apt to send customers in your direction. Google has built its business model to create credibility with people searching on its platform. Consequently, they want to send customers to a reliable company as it helps to build Google's standing in the customer's eyes when they send them to a company where they receive outstanding products and services.

Sends Better Quality Traffic to Your Website

Cursors going to a website

Local SEO sends better-quality traffic to your website from multiple sources. For instance, your listing will probably appear first if someone uses social media to search for your products or services. Then, it is easy to use content marketing to move them from social media to your website, where they can learn even more.

Furthermore, local SEO provides you with more link-building opportunities, which can be vital to introducing your business to more potential customers. When potential customers go to an optimized website, they often get a better idea of your company's purpose, so individuals reaching out to you have already prequalified themselves as potential customers.

Keeps You at the Forefront of Customer's Minds

You need to remind customers about your company constantly. When you use local SEO, that is what happens. Regardless of where they choose to hang out on the internet, your company's marketing is there. Then, when they need your services or products, they may contact your company.

In most cases, customers need to hear your company's message seven times to remember it, and the wide variety of options available in local SEO allows that to happen without being annoying to the customer. Working with an expert in local SEO helps ensure that your message stays consistent across all platforms, helping to make the message more memorable.

Optimized for Your Service Area

Local SEO is optimized for your service area. Therefore, you are not blowing your advertising budget connecting with customers your company does not serve. For instance, if you are a plumber in Dayton, Ohio, using local SEO connects you with customers in the Miami Valley area, or if you are an electrician in Marble Falls, Texas, using local SEO connects you with customers in the Hill Country.

Furthermore, local SEO can bring more foot traffic into your business if you operate a physical location. Of course, this allows you to upsell customers and sell them impulse items so that they spend more money at your location.

Garner More Reviews

Over 80% of potential customers trust online reviews as much as if someone they know recommends your company. Using Local SEO encourages your current customers to leave reviews in multiple places. People who read positive reviews about your company see your company as reliable and trustworthy.

Local SEO specialists often have special techniques you may still need to learn about so that your company gets more reviews, which will help your company grow.

Creates Networking Opportunities

People networking

When you post quality content online, others will want to link to it. This creates opportunities to get your company's name in front of other people in your geographical area.

Using local SEO may also allow you to work with others in related fields on projects you are not ready to tackle independently. For example, a general contractor may contact an architect when they see their quality content online.

Personalizes Your Content

Many techniques within local SEO allow you to personalize your content. Creating content around events people discuss within your community lets people know you are interested in the same things they care about. When this happens, potential leads feel like you are seeing them and have their best interests at heart.

Spot Problems Quickly

Every company wishes everything they did was always perfect, but that is unrealistic. Since local SEO for small businesses gives customers more chances to reach out to your company efficiently, they often report problems sooner. Customers realize that mistakes happen, and when a company resolves them quickly, they are usually very forgiving. In fact, when a company resolves a problem fast in the customer's favor, they often become even more loyal to the company. Therefore, they often tell their family and friends about your company.

Spot Trends

Industries are changing faster than ever before. When you use local SEO, you can inform your customers about changes that may affect them. Since these items are often new, blog posts about them usually get shared, helping to enhance your standing as an expert in your field.

Creates Enhanced Opportunities

Knowing the Community

There are at least two ways that small businesses can use local SEO to create new opportunities for their companies. First, when customers use your company's products, they often develop new ways to use them. When they share their ideas with you, you can create content sharing them with others in your area.

In addition, local SEO for Small businesses can allow you to contribute to causes that people in your area care about. For example, you can efficiently run promotions where you donate a percentage of your profits to a favorite local charity. Then, people who also care about that charity's cause may visit your business or use your service. Furthermore, it allows you to sponsor local teams and activities, putting your company's name in front of new potential customers.

Puts a Human Face to a Company

People love to do business with their friends and neighbors. Using local SEO allows you to introduce potential customers to your top employees. Customers love feel-good stories, so be sure to share them when something exciting happens within your company or to one of your employees.

Why Work With US

There are many reasons businesses need to use local SEO for small businesses. Yet, many miss the benefits of using local SEO because they need clarification on its many facets. That is why you need our team to work for your small business. We are the experts that you can trust to create local content that will enhance your business by connecting with customers in your geographic area.

Local SEO helps you spread the word about your business's services, so get your free business report today.

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