Attract More Users by Improving your Hotel’s Instagram Photos


Rebekka Asher

May 23, 2016


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It’s a beautiful morning, birds are singing, the sun’s shining bright, you grab a cup of coffee, and then settle in to check your hotel’s Instagram account. Time to see how many likes your newest photo has gotten and engage with your new adoring fans. Yet when you login, you see the picture only got ten likes and no comments! Why you ask yourself, is no one engaging with my hotel on Instagram? You spent time coming up with the perfect photo, wrote witty sayings, and trendy hashtags, but nobody gives it any love. Other hotels you follow get tons of engagement and new customers every day. Well, before you quit because social media isn’t working, let’s take a closer look at the problem.

What’s Wrong With My Instagram?

If your posts don’t get many likes and comments, then you probably aren’t portraying your hotel from its best angle. First off, it’s crucial to analyze the content on your hotel’s Instagram, just as you would examine any other form of advertising. Ideally, your Instagram account should reflect your brand while maintaining a cohesive presentation. One way to get more engagement on your posts is to make sure your photos are as captivating as possible. A picture of your hotel’s antique front desk will attract way more attention if it’s not cluttered with signs and other stuff. One of the best ways to explain this is to compare your hotel’s Instagram to a restaurant menu. For example, you walk into a new restaurant and are handed the menu. Besides all the usual print, beautiful professional photos are depicting mouth-watering entrees. If you’re like me, your eyes drift toward (or zero in on) the most colorful, fun looking dish, and you have to have it, even without knowing what it tastes like. Well, the same principle works for Instagram. By nature, people are visual, so give them something to look at! Make your photos captivating and watch the likes and comments improve right before your eyes.

How Should Hoteliers Improve Their Photos?

Don’t treat your hotel’s Instagram like a proud parent, or like a commercial. It would be best if you had a healthy balance when it comes to posting content for your hotel’s Instagram. If you’re targeting young, hip travelers who dream of an exotic destination, then show them how they can get that same Caribbean escape while staying at your hotel. So do your research and always be mindful of who your audience is. The best thing about Instagram is the ability to build new clients from scratch. For example, consider a young couple looking for a honeymoon getaway. They come across your site, but due to all the competition, they choose the cheaper hotel, and you lose a potential guest. Instead of trying to compete for someone’s attention, why not just create the ideal guest? Let’s say another couple is getting married, and while scrolling through Instagram, they come across your posts. With the right photos, you can inspire them to have their honeymoon at your hotel. Inspiring people is better than fighting for potential guests that already have something else in mind. Now, let’s go over a few tips for creating beautiful masterpieces that will impress any future guest.

How To Create Beautiful Photos

It’s essential to be aware of content when posting on Instagram. To create the best Instagram photo, you want to make sure to showcase the atmosphere and surrounding area, not just the hotel itself. The most successful hotels on Instagram follow this guideline. Try posting photos of the chef preparing a meal, a bellhop helping guests, or a bartender preparing the perfect martini. Show users what your hotel’s atmosphere is like by taking photos of guests lounging by the pool, being served dinner, or enjoying an evening in. Highlight key attractions in the area such as beaches, restaurants, and nightlife. Post exciting photos showcasing local landmarks, festivals, or special events taking place nearby. Take close-up pictures of the furniture, a beautiful fireplace in the lobby, an antique desk in the corner, or the stainless steel windows. Try adding a pop of color or interesting textures to your photos. You can also get creative by featuring the newly-made bedspread, fine china in the restaurant, or the beautifully lite-up jacuzzi at night. If your hotel has a unique theme, then market that. 

For example, if your hotel is Western-themed, then showcase that. This will help you to stand out from the crowd and inspire people to consider staying at your hotel next time they’re in town. It’s also imperative to make sure your pictures are clear and taken with a professional camera. If you don’t have a good camera consider hiring a professional photographer to take the photos. If you decide to use your iPhone, try playing with photo editing apps like Enlight, and most importantly, don’t overuse the Instagram filters unless it benefits your photos.

Have Fun With Your Hotel’s Instagram Account

Improving the content, creativity, and quality of your Instagram photos will draw in more traffic, thereby funneling more visitors to your website. Try experimenting with these tips and techniques, track what works and what doesn’t, see which style of photos gain the most likes and comments from your audience, and then use that to produce award-winning images. Investing time in your social media accounts will improve your hotel’s business. 

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