Ten Reasons Why Hoteliers Should Use Instagram


Jacqueline Puga

May 2, 2017


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Here are the top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t go another day without curating an Instagram page for your hotel.

1. It’s Free

No fees mean you can reach potential customers without spending a dime, although you also have the choice of sponsoring posts.

2. Growing Audience

Instagram users have multiplied since the app’s inception and show no sign of slowing down. More users viewing your content means more potential customers for you to tap into.

3. Build your Brand 

Controlling the content means you can design your hotel’s image.

4. Create Expectations

Showing what guests are getting when they purchase a stay, and you create realistic expectations leading to satisfied reviews.

5. Promote the Area

Showcase the location and create demand for the area.

6. Showcase your Staff

Show some love to the behind-the-scene crew and promote your friendly, welcoming staff.

7. User-generated content

Create a hashtag specific to your hotel and invite virtual check-ins to promote photos taken at your hotel to users’ social networks.

8. Track your performance

Insights let you track high-performing posts with specific breakdowns of impressions, reach, views, and clicks.

9. Reach a Niche organically

Instagram’s algorithm instantly showcases your content to similar pages giving their qualified audience a sneak peek of your feed.

10. Check out your Competition

Stay on top of your game and see what trends are popular in the hotel industry.

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