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Arielle Reyes

Dec 29, 2014


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When posting on social media, hoteliers should aim to provide valuable posts for their fans. A common mistake many hoteliers make is using social media solely for self-promotion, which is an easy way to drive away fans. In today’s day and age, potential guests (especially millennials) do not like to be sold to and will not want to follow your hotel if you are constantly bombarding their newsfeed with posts that say “Stay at my hotel.” Instead, act as a digital concierge and share posts that guests in the area would find useful. Here are some social media post ideas for hotels. 

Major Attractions in the Area

What are the major demand generators around your hotel? You probably already have a pretty good idea about why your guests are in the area and what they like to do while they stay at your hotel. For example, a hotel in Anaheim’s main demand generators would be Disneyland, the Anaheim Convention Center, Angels Stadium, etc. Keep your fans up-to-date with what’s going on at these attractions.

Local Events

When visiting a new area, guests may not have time to do a ton of research on local events that are happening during their stay. Post about local events that you think your guests would enjoy and take the time to attend. Keep in mind the distance of the hotel from the event. You should also note the type of event and the popularity of the game. There’s no point in posting about events that your guests would not take the time to attend.

News About Your Hotel

Did your hotel recently have renovations done that guests may not know about? Did a staff member achieve a significant work accomplishment? Share this with your fans on social media! Posts about what’s happening around the hotel give a human touch to your social media channels

Travel Tips

Travelers are continually searching for ways to make a trip run smoothly. Include useful travel tips in your social media posts that your target market would appreciate. For example, if your hotel caters to a large number of families, you could post an article on how to make traveling with young children more simple. Not only is this useful for guests


While you don’t want to overwhelm your fans with specials being offered by your property, you still want to make sure you mention them. Keep in mind that it is okay to self-promote once in a while. As long as the majority of your posts are useful and provide value for your guests.

What other types of posts does your hotel share with fans on social media?

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