5 Tips for Increasing Your Hotel’s Conversion Rate


Tina Cheong

Sep 18, 2015


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In this day and age, everyone is spending a good portion of their time surfing the internet, so having a website for your hotel is a necessity. Having a website will not only provide information for your potential guests to browse through, but it can help increase your conversion rate as well. With these five tips, your hotel could see an increase in conversion rate.

Call to Action Button

A call-to-action button is needed for your website if you want to increase your conversion rate. Your call-to-action button should be noticeable on your landing page for your audience to be able to see it easily. Keep the text on the button short and straightforward, because it doesn’t look as neat when there is too much text involved. Depending on how your site is designed, contrasting colors could also make the button stand out as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the font, size, design, and color until you create the perfect button for your site!

Choose the Right Images

If you think that the photos that you have of your hotel are not up to par, then it’s time to replace them with newer pictures. Having a website with a lot of visually appealing images of your hotel will go a long way. Most people can process what they see a lot quicker than what they read, meaning that it is crucial to invest in some high-quality photos of your hotel. Don’t forget to include surrounding areas of your hotel as well, because potential guests like to see what they can do around the city when they are staying at your hotel. 

Offer Something Unique

While your hotel should already offer all the information that guests need to know, providing something that’s unique from other hotel websites could also help you stand out from your competitors. Does your hotel have an on-site restaurant? You could offer a restaurant discount or special for your guests. Any special tools that you may find useful for your website could be added as well. The options are endless, and it’s up to you on how you want to differentiate yourself from others. Just make sure it is relevant to your website and hotel before offering it. 

Remember, Less is More

When designing your website, make sure not to overload it with too much information or too many visuals. Potential guests may feel overwhelmed if they go onto your site, and all they see is a giant wall of text of information or a lot of links for your navigation. A simple design makes the site look a lot cleaner, and it will help your potential guests browse through your site a lot easier.

Fully Working and Functional Website

This one may seem like common sense, but people are browsing from all sorts of devices now, so it’s crucial that the website works and is responsive across all platforms. Having a website that is fully responsive and easy to navigate on all platforms will help increase your conversion rate since your guests will be browsing through your website from all sorts of devices, ranging from a desktop to an iPhone.

Having a good website will help increase your hotel’s conversion rate in the long run. These are simple but useful tips that will help improve your website. What other tips do you think are essential for increasing conversion rates for a hotel?


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