Tips for Improving User Review Scores


Sofia Sandoval

Jan 28, 2020


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If you want to know how to improve your business reviews, take note of these tips. Responding to all reviews helps you achieve better review scores.

Your business review scores count for everything. They reflect a customer's experience and can essentially lead potential customers to you. Positive reviews drive sales. They make customers excited to give your business a try.

Negative reviews, however, make customers suspicious. If there is no response to the feedback given, it can be the death of your business. People will feel like their input doesn't matter and that the experience that they'll have with you in the future will be nothing but negative.

This short guide shows you how to improve your business reviews effortlessly. By following the advice listed here, you can control how the public responds to reviews by making every piece of feedback given to you by customers count. Making your customer surveys and review site buttons mobile-friendly allows you to include the many people on-the-go who rely on their phones and tablets to communicate online. You'll also want to achieve a 'very responsive' badge on Facebook by being available to respond to comments right away.

Tip #1: Fix common customer complaints immediately.

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Responding to negative reviews is well worth the time spent doing so. It allows you to make good on your promise to make things right for the customer. Many complaints are easy fixes that have a positive impact on your business. If you try to salvage the relationship you once had with the customers, they'll feel compelled to give you another shot.

Tip #2: Ask for reviews.

There is no harm in asking your customers to leave a review and share their experiences with you so that you can better your business. You must, however, not bombard them with requests. You should also never offer to pay for or reward them for writing a review. If a customer does respond to a review request, you can send them a promotional coupon or special offer, but it should be done without prior knowledge, so it doesn't affect what they've written about you.

Tip #3: Have impeccable timing with your requests.

Asking for a review at the wrong time can result in the customer leaving negative feedback. That's why you should pay close attention to their individual experience. Great times to ask for a review is after they've tagged your brand on a post. The post should have demonstrated a positive experience with your product or service and when they re-order your product or service. You'll likely reach more happy customers with your request if you time it right.

Tip #4: Set up a review station at your brick-and-mortar store.

Although it may be difficult to believe, some customers don't spend time online. The best way to know what they're thinking is to ask them to fill out a short review in the store before they leave. That way, you know right away what needs to happen to make their next experience even better. Placing the review station near the door provides convenience for your customers who may be in a hurry but not mind jotting down a few comments as they depart the business.

Tip #5: Make the review process as easy as possible.

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Do this by asking the right questions. Being very specific helps the customer see the value in the survey. They don't feel like it's work when there is only a handful of questions to answer. Asking them to share why they bought the product or service, how they used it, and what they feel was best about the experience helps you improve your brand's offerings in the future.

Tip #6: Share your top reviews on social media.

After visiting the different review sites and reading the comments left for you there, reach out to a few of the people who left positive reviews with a request for permission to share their experience on social media. Social proof is among the fastest ways to build your brand's reputation. People have just seconds to spend looking for the positive feedback. Make it easy for them to see what others have to say about you by posting regular comments from real-life customers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tip #7: Drown out negative reviews.

The more you ask your customers to write reviews, the more positive reviews you'll have to show on a search engine. You essentially drown out the negative reviews because they don't stand out as much. Every person's experience differs. Some people have a bad day, which is why they're so quick to take action when they feel like you've wronged them. They don't allow you to respond to their private feedback, so they make it public.

Tip #8: Keep close watch over your online presence.

Believe it or not, a review on Yelp and other review sites may be completely bogus. Some people find it fun to ruffle feathers without ever experiencing your products or services. Working diligently to remove negative feedback from trolls is imperative. People often look at the review scores you have online without reading what others have written.

Improve the Level of Customer Service You Offer and Experience Higher Review Scores

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Get high review scores by ensuring that you have nothing but happy customers in the future. If you find that someone has left you a negative review, take the time to address it on social media and your custom small business website. You have the opportunity to turn a bad experience shared with you through a product review around rather quickly. Doing so allows you to get someone who wouldn't ordinarily seek out your products or services again to reconsider their decision.

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