3 Must-Have Search Marketing Fundamentals to Utilize

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Melody Ciria
Melody Ciria
August 17, 2012
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As online marketing continues to become a dominant selling tool, it is imperative that businesses utilize all areas of marketing opportunities to stay ahead of the competition and generate more sales.  With new trends in internet marketing and with Google’s changing algorithms, it is vital that businesses adapt and evolve with these updates by re-prioritizing your search marketing strategies.   To effectively strengthen your online business presence, it is vital that businesses take on a proactive approach to deliver the highest return on investment and to maximize all online marketing efforts.   We have repeatedly been educated on the importance that social media has on our online business, yet how much do we understand the impact that content, local, and mobile marketing has on our brand?  Similar to social media, these 3 areas of marketing apply to all businesses despite which industry you are in.  All businesses can benefit from these search marketing fundamentals.   Before implementing these marketing fundamentals, make sure to examine how your target market and industry has changed and reflect where your business is headed.  From there, you will be able to better formulate a strategy that will integrate content, local, and mobile marketing into the mix.  Once you realize the need to utilize all these marketing channels, it is time to think about an effective plan to engage prospects and establish an influential brand that will not only bring in relevant traffic but will also increase conversion rates.   To reap the benefits associated with these marketing channels, here are a few helpful tips to follow and apply for your own SEO campaign:

Content Marketing

Content marketing has always been a necessary component when optimizing landing pages.  Providing insightful content on your site also provides a powerful way to engage with new prospects and build relationships with returning visitors.  That being said, most businesses fail to realize the importance of updating their site’s content to align with demand generators and a target audience.  To keep up with the changing market, make sure your content is speaking to the vast majority of customers you would like to target.  Simply having content on your page does not drive sales.  An effective content marketing strategy requires calls-to-actions and trending topics.  Creating tailored landing pages with compelling content involves in-depth research about the surrounding area you are promoting or/and the product you are selling. When it comes to content, Google values quality much like visitors to a site.  Google tends to promote and rank sites with high-quality content above sites that do not.    Fresh content is also key to generating more traffic to your site.  Blogs are a valuable way of providing fresh content to your site.   Furthermore, to build your audience, take the opportunity to market your content in various platforms like social bookmarking sites, directories, and social media sites.

Local Search Marketing

With access to the internet and smartphones, telephone directories have loss its value when it comes to searching for local businesses especially service businesses like plumbers, locksmiths, contractors, and more.  The internet has made it much easier to search for local services.  Most internet users looking for some type of service typically search under local keywords using a city name.  Businesses often rank on the first page of Google if their Google + Local page is optimized.  Optimizing your Google + Local page involves actively managing your content, photos/videos, and reviews on your business page.   Because your business can rank as a Google + Local page, it reinforces the fact that local marketing is a powerful tool to drive relevant traffic to your site especially for small businesses.  In addition, local marketing can also build your customer base and brand loyalty as enables users to read customer reviews and share their own reviews.

Mobile Marketing

Local search works hand in hand with mobile marketing. According to Mobile Marketing Association, it has been reported that 61% of users call a business after searching on their mobile phone.  Mobile searches are dominated by local results and this is primarily due to detection of your current location.  Mobile is usually used by local information seekers and ‘on-the-go’ users.  Having a mobile site is a must-have for every business as it offers convenience for the user.   Because mobile search is indexed differently from desktop searches, your business may rank differently on a mobile device.  This is one reason why mobile optimization is important as it affects your ranking position.  Early mobile adoption could give you an edge over your competitors and give you a dominant presence over all channels

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