Building Your Brand on Social Media

November 10, 2022
Building Your Brand on Social Media - Woman using social media
Are you looking for ways to increase awareness of your business on social media? This step-by-step guide will teach you how to build your brand on social media.

How to Reach a New Customer Base

March 21, 2020
Reaching a New Customer Base in Business Can Be Very Profitable
With the right marketing plan, reaching a new customer base in business is not only achievable but profitable. Here are 5 ideas you can use to make it happen.

Ideas to Improving Customer Service

February 27, 2020
Top Ideas for Improving Customer Service at Your Business
An in-depth guide with great ideas for improving customer service. Includes creative ways that businesses can use to cultivate memorable customer experiences.

Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

December 18, 2019
how to grow youtube subscribers 2020
In all honesty, growing an account’s YouTube subscribers isn’t easy. It takes dedication, hard work, and some inside tips to take you to the top.

Hiding Likes on Instagram

November 25, 2019
how hiding likes on instagram will affect businesses influencers
Instagram's decision to hide likes is expected to create some big changes for both businesses and influencers. Here's the effect it will have on groups.

Design in Hotel Websites

July 10, 2019
web design
‍It’s no secret that when you stay in a five-star resort or even just a budget motel, someone had to have spent a lot of time and money on how it looks.

How Social Improves Online Marketing

April 2, 2019
people on their social media apps
Business owners who are considering online marketing should integrate a strong social campaign into their marketing plan. Social media can enhance the benefit

Connecting Brands and People

March 19, 2019
How to Engage your Audience: The Secrets Behind Connecting Brands and People
What is it that makes one stop scrolling on a newsfeed and read a caption? Why are we inclined to like individual posts and not others? Find out here.

3 Reasons to Use Explainer Videos

March 19, 2019
man writing formulas on whiteboard
A lot of your potential clients, aren't going to read what you have to say. They would rather have you show them. Check out why.

Important Features of Hotel Websites

December 24, 2018
middle aged hands using a smartphone
If you want to get ahead of your competition, check out this list of features your hotel website should have. Get more bookings today!

Attributes Hotels Should Have

December 21, 2018
white sheets on a bed in a hotel room
It's important for hotels to have key qualities in their business. A pleasant stay begins with the online experience that they have with the hotel.

Build a Compelling Brand

December 10, 2018
Branding Strategies
Is your hotel branding strategy hurting or growing your business? Discover the 4 essential branding pillars that your hotel needs to book more guests.

Jump Start Your Hotel Marketing Plan

November 14, 2018
Hotel Marketing Strategies
If you manage a great hotel that guests love (no matter the size), the next step isn’t repeating everything you’re doing. It’s improving.

Build Your Hotel Branding Strategy

October 1, 2018
Building a hotel branding strategy is daunting, yet critical. Fortunately, you can have your strategy laid out in no time with these best practices.

Social Media Matters in Sales

October 1, 2018
ocial media strategy for hotels
There are multiple methods businesses use to support their sales team. Seldom does anyone note social media as a powerful tool in the sales process.

Successful Branding Through Yelp

September 17, 2018
how to build a brand
If you have a good product or exceptional service, then I think that you are a prime candidate to improve your branding through Yelp.

5 Ways To Humanize Your Brand

April 25, 2018
Five ways to Humanize your Brand
To keep your audience engaged, be sure to remind them of the human element behind the brand. Show them that besides being reliable, there are real people there.

Branding 101: Small Businesses

March 23, 2018
Branding 101 for Small Businesses
With so many curators on all channels, branding has become more important than ever to distinguish you from your competitors. Read more here.

Tips to Combat Content Saturation

March 19, 2018
social media strategy for hotels
Our storage seems infinite with "the cloud" and stack upon stacks of external hard drives, memory cards, and the like, we have changed the ways we use photos.

Building Guest Relationships

January 4, 2018
hotel positioning
In the hotel business, social media plays a vital role in building relationships with past & potential guests. This is why it is crucial to build relationships.

Evergreen Content

December 28, 2017
benefits of user generated content
There are various benefits of user-generated content, including time-saving, but today we’ll delve deeper into evergreen content

Be a Resource for Travelers

November 8, 2017
hotel social media strategy
Joining the “travel” bandwagon builds a momentum that helps gain more business from travelers interested in visiting your location.

Lifestyle Marketing for Your Hotel

October 16, 2017
lifestyle marketing for hotels
Have you thought about lifestyle marketing for your hotel? Let's explore how the “lifestyle” angle can benefit your hotel’s marketing strategy.

Social Media Brand Ambassadors

August 24, 2017
Micro Influencers - Social Media Brand Ambassadors
A social media influencers is someone that can become the key evangelist to helping you grow brand awareness that leads to conversions.

What is a SKAG?

August 4, 2017
person typing on a computer with question mark background
They days of targeting a broad match keyword like “hotels in LA” are over. Advertising is now granular. What are you doing to pass up the competition?

Books to Help Hoteliers

June 1, 2017
stack of books
These 8 books will help you market your hotel this year! If you read just 25 pages every day, you will be able to develop a better marketing strategy!

Google Alerts

May 19, 2017
kid using magnifying glass to look at floor
Google is fantastic, aren't they? They provide a bunch of valuable tools for free, and if you know how to harness them, they can be very powerful for business.

A Marketing Strategy for you Hotel

May 9, 2017
computer and papers on a desk
What is the leading best practice today can quickly become outdated. See what you can do to implement your marketing strategy for timeless effectiveness.

Your Hotel’s Visual Brand

March 13, 2017
designer looking at photo
One of these critical parts is the visual brand of your hotel. Here are some guidelines to help you create and maintain your hotel’s image.

4 Useful Positioning Strategies

January 17, 2017
online marketing
Do you know how your hotel is positioned against your competitive set? Have you considered looking at the positioning? See what makes the difference.

Online Voice for Your Hotel

January 9, 2017
close-up of a microphone
It's difficult to express your hotel’s voice online. Without visiting your hotel, how can potential customers get an idea of what your hotel is about?

Video Trends To Look Out For

December 28, 2016
man taking picture facing computer screen
Many content distribution platforms adopted video content in 2017 because of its interactive & informative nature. Why should it matter to your hotel?

Build Your Hotel’s Brand Online

December 19, 2016
palm trees at hotel during sunset
Before you begin working on the construction of your image, you need to establish what your brand is. What does your business stand for, or aim to be?

Creating your Hotel’s Story

November 20, 2016
flipping pages of a book
You may have read a plethora of articles advising you to use your hotel’s story when it comes to social media, blogging, and content marketing.

Help Your Hotel’s Marketing

November 7, 2016
person typing on a laptop
You are presenting an ad. Among them is a percentage, small or large, whom you hope to interest. Go after that percentage & strike the chord that resonates.

Integrating The Human Element

October 4, 2016
father holding daughters hand
Nothing turns away potential customers like blatant advertising. It dehumanizes your brand. To connect with customers you must incorporate the human element.

Effective Branding for Hotels

May 4, 2016
hotel rooms
In today’s highly competitive business climate, those who wish to stay afloat—and remain profitable—must take a number of steps and measures to do so.

Every Hotel Needs Its Own Website

February 8, 2016
website search bar
It is important for businesses to have their own website. If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are losing out on many opportunities.

Video Content on a Smartphone

October 21, 2015
taking instagram video with phone
Chances are you don’t have a huge budget for video content. Fortunately, you have a powerful camera right at the tip of your fingers.

How to Build Your Hotel on Social

September 2, 2015
social media under the magnifying glass
You want to establish a brand for your hotel so people can quickly identify you. Here are a few tips to help you jumpstart your hotel brand on social media.

Influence the Booking Decision

June 24, 2015
shopping cart on top of a laptop
Here are 3 powerful ways you can capture an interaction, drive engagement and create opportunity to follow-up with a consumer during the booking process.

Importance of Video Marketing

June 12, 2015
taking video
Blogs, pictures, & social media posts are all useful forms of content, but brands are using another form of media and it’s yielding great results.

Marketing to Millennials

September 9, 2014
millennials on their cell phones
There has been plenty of talk about this group in the hospitality industry since their purchasing power is increasing. Are you ready to market to this segment?

Leave an Impression on Guests

October 14, 2013
hotel brands
Brand hotels tend to drive more traffic... but not necessarily more conversions. See what you can do to deliver a better impressions to your guests.

Marketing Your Boutique Hotel

September 3, 2013
Service bell on front desk at hotel
By following these simple marketing strategies, you’ll be able to increase reach and sales, promote your business, and generate press.

Put a Face Behind Your Company

March 7, 2012
about us page for a website
With so many agencies, & online businesses emerging, it's difficult for your company to stand out. Try using these tactics to help humanize your company.
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