Use Feedback Loops to Improve Reviews


Joshua Meehan

Jan 14, 2015


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For a lot of travelers, after a guest checks in, they may not have an interaction with the hotel staff until they check out. This could potentially lead to the guest's expectations to go unmet and may result in negative reviews or requests for reimbursement. To help combat this, Expedia launched a new Real-Time Feedback system for its hotel partners. This system will reach out to guests who book through the OTA after they have checked into their hotel and verify that they are satisfied with their accommodations. Thankfully any hotelier can implement this simple idea and improve their guests' satisfaction and boost online reviews.

Most negative feedback that guests leave online are generally issues that are easy for the hotel to address, the problem is, they aren't always reporting the issue. Some will wait until checkout to mention it. Others will publish it on TripAdvisor or Yelp. Using feedback loops to improve reviews is an excellent way for hoteliers to engage with their guests and assure their property is exceeding expectations. The best way to do this is to ask them. Give the guests time to settle into their rooms after check-in and give them a courtesy call to see if they would like any additional towels or shampoo or if they have any issues with the room. Starting the conversation early will not only address these concerns but will also help increase overall guest satisfaction and reduce the chances of a negative review.

For those looking for an alternative to calling each guest, a proactive staff can have similar results. During check-in, they can start the conversation and see if the guests would like any extra amenities or even preference in where their room is located. Properties with a continental breakfast, business center, or anything else that draws guest traffic have an additional opportunity to address guest concerns. This kind of service is what encourages guests to leave positive reviews and return to your hotel. Best of all, none of this requires an expensive OTA partner or an automated system.

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