Use Twitter’s Photo Feature to Showcase Your Hotel!


Arielle Reyes

Mar 27, 2014


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Social Media

Is your hotel on Twitter yet? Twitter is an excellent way for hotels to engage with guests and to build their Social Search Optimization (SSO). Just as your website may be the first impression of your hotel for a potential guest, the same holds for social media networks. When planning for a trip, guests spend a considerable amount of time researching online. Through all the browsing, a guest could first come across your hotel on a social media site. When it comes to Twitter, be sure that your hotel’s profile is filled out professionally. This includes having a description that accurately describes your hotel, listing your website, and having professional photos or graphics used for your profile, cover, and background photo. In addition to being able to connect with guests directly, Twitter also allows hotels to share news about the property, local events, and great pictures of the hotel and nearby area!

Twitter introduced a new feature that allows users to post up to four photos in a single tweet. Users can share more about an experience through photos all at once instead of through multiple tweets. In addition to the four photos feature, users can tag up to 10 accounts on the images without wasting any of the precious 140 characters. Here’s how hotels can use Twitter’s new photo and tagging feature.

1. Showcase your property!

Instead of tweeting one single picture of your property at a time, showcase a small collection all at once. This will give potential guests on Twitter, a better idea about your hotel without making them search for more pictures. For example, if you compose a tweet about the rooms at your hotel, you can upload four professional photos. They would be showing different angles, giving the guest the full experience of the place.

2. Capture the local area with pictures

When guests visit your hotel, they will likely be interested in exploring the local area. If there is a nearby attraction that is popular with guests, you can tweet about the attraction, upload photos, and tag the attraction all in one tweet! Guests will find value in these tweets because it will give them ideas on what to visit during their trip.

3. Show other areas of the hotel

Does your hotel offer event space or a sparkling outdoor pool? When tweeting about particular areas of the hotel, including a variety of photos. If you are tweeting about event space, you can upload photos of different events that have taken place there. This will give guests an idea about what types of activities they can plan at your property.

4. Remodeling & Other News

Has your hotel undergone a recent renovation? Let your guests know about it through a tweet with photos! You can show before and after pictures, or choose four images of the new restoration. Don’t forget to share other exciting news about the hotel with your guests. For example, if some of your employees participated in volunteer work at a local food bank, you can tweet about the experience and add photos to go along with it.

Remember, Twitter is not only about marketing and selling your hotel. Provide value to your guests by tweeting regularly about local events and the local area around your property.

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