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Christine Lee

Mar 27, 2020


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Have you looked at the latest software to increase your sales? These are not the same CRMs and sales tools of old. Today's sales agents have access to any number of leads in real-time thanks to automation tools and integrations from the best sales software companies.

It's easier now with the latest CRMs and sales software. There is more features and customizations built-in, making it easier for any company to subscribe and gain access to a suite of online sales and data tools.‍

What's Best About Sales Software‍

New software can automate everything with a click of a button, sending hot, qualified leads directly to the sales team, and that's only one of its superpowers. There are incredible data and reports with essential performance indicators to enhance your overall business and marketing strategy.

One study by Megastore in 2013 found that most entrepreneurs today already manage their marketing with software. When businesses take advantage of this software, it's easier to automate and connect everything from marketing to accounting.

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The heart of this software is the customer data and nurturing relationships, however. With a customer relationship manager (CRM) integration, sales software becomes a powerful tool for customer retention. Studies have found that returning customers spend more, and merely increasing your retention rates can generate up to 95% increase in profits.‍

Hey, anything over 10% sounds like a goldmine to us.‍

That's the trick with the sales software. Not only can you automate lead generation, but you can also learn more about your new and existing customers, developing or even pinpointing a strategy for your digital marketing. It all comes together.‍

Best Software to Increase Your Sales and Efficiency‍

What would it be like to track your ROI by the customer audience? What if you could look at any customer relationship and see indicators guaranteeing a sale, automatically prioritizing the leads by the quality score? While sales software was always innovative, the newest applications have been streamlined and customized to suit your sales strategy.


This Google Chrome extension by HubSpot delivers lead information about your contacts in real-time to your inbox. You can also see company profiles and track your communications with each contact, such as who opened and clicked. It also integrates with HubSpot CRM.

Hubspot CRM

Designed with sales reps in mind, the Hubspot CRM increases the quality of leads, data integration, and productivity for sales teams. Part of this is the automation, but the other part is how it nurtures leads with different marketing programs. It's a favorite for most sales teams in comparison to SalesForce, which works better for executive-level management.


If you do use SalesForce, you're not alone. Most businesses choose this as their sales CRM, but you should also consider adding apps like InsightSquared, which is the top analytics app for SalesForce.

LinkedIn Advanced Search

It's one of the best prospecting tools to this day because people are continually joining LinkedIn to connect with other professionals, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Advanced search is also very granular in targeting, including title, geo, company name, industry, and more factors.

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Top 3 Sales Software Systems for Sales

1. HubSpot Sales

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When it comes to comprehensive sales tools that integrate with CRMs, marketing modules, and other sales software, HubSpot Sales always comes up at the top. With features like email marketing, sales automation, pipeline management, reporting, visitor tracking, support, sequencing, and many other superpowers, it's probably just the thing to try if you have the budget for it.

2. Unomy

Another sales intelligence program that over seven million businesses currently use is Unomy. This system works best for online companies who want to analyze and use all kinds of data related to their business. Most of the benefits work well for B2B deals because of how the software finds data, prioritizes it, and organizes it accordingly for your sales team. Unomy also integrates with other sales tools, and it works with Google Chrome.

3. Pipedrive

The best thing about Pipedrive is that it can be used by small to large businesses, meaning both startups and corporations have been using this tool for many years. Also, the interface is straightforward to set up and start applying to improve your sales pipeline.

Finally, we want to look at CRMs. Do you have a good one? Here are a few we recommend:‍

Top Picks for CRM Sales Software

1. OnContact

For real-time customer data and automated communication systems, OnContact is one of the better CRMs for small businesses. The software helps with lead generation, repeat sales, and audience segmentation.

2. Sugar CRM

The first thing to understand about Sugar CRM is that it's an open-source CRM, which makes it more affordable than most other CRMs on the market. Secondly, Sugar CRM incorporates customer satisfaction in its software quite deeply, so if you have trouble knowing if customers are being served properly, this software can clear it up with multiple data points.

3. HubSpot or Zoho CRM

There are so many tools available within both of these historic CRMs. If you want the most robust CRM and have a higher budget, these software systems both rank highly for their limitless features, integrations, lead scoring, and customer nurturing programs.‍

Other Ideas to Increase Sales for a Software Business

Take control of your online reputation graphic

Online Reputation Management Software: When your brand is mentioned online in a negative way, do you know about it? What if something like that went viral? While most online reputation management is fixing negative reviews, there are further ways to increase your sales by using software to manage your reputation.

Affiliate Marketing: You pay e-commerce businesses, influencers, and bloggers to promote your brand and products.

Google AdWords or Facebook Ads for PPC: Both of these advertising platforms offer the ability to upload your customer audiences and target new customers with millions of data points. You can also use APIs to integrate your leads right into your CRM.

Offer a Free Demo: When all else fails, you should be showing off your software to anyone interested. It's best to develop your presentation and script ahead of time.‍

How Can We Help?‍

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