Why Social Media Matters in the Sales Process

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Jacqueline Puga
Jacqueline Puga
October 1, 2018

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Everyone knows sales are important. Without them any business goes belly up. There are multiple methods businesses use to support their sales team from specialized trainings to lead generation and so many more efforts which are in place to help close sales and may even be part of their social media strategy for hotels . Although this is the case, seldom does anyone note social media as a powerful tool in the sales process. That’s right, the digital social networks are becoming stronger key players in moving a leads through the sales funnel. Here are five important ways in which these popular digital platforms can aid in your sales funnel.

  1. They take you where to customers are

Twitter has 336 million users, Instagram now has as many as 800 million active users world wide, and Facebook boasts 2.23 billion. With these large numbers you can be sure at least some of your potential customers are online. With our ever-evolving world plugging in online, it seems like a great place to meet your audience. As times passes more and more aspects of our lives are being digitized and overall people, especially the younger generations, are very comfortable online so go where your audience is, meet them there and build a relationship with them wherever it is that they feel most comfortable. You might have to adjust your methods to reach them but this is a small price to pay for maintaining a strong customer base.

2. Digital Exposure helps build your brand’s image

Building a brand is more than just a unifying color and logo. Any product, personality or statement that is linked to your brand becomes part of your brand identity. With social media a lot of this is controlled by the person running the page. They get to carefully curate what is shown to the potential customers. This may be user generated content, articles from experts in your industry, or helpful tips. Whatever your brand chooses to show online can be selected to portray  your brand in the light you choose.

3. Social Media leads to repeated exposure

One of the great things about social media is that you can still post for fee, although organic reach has been decreasing more and more every year so that marketers are forced to pour more of their digital marketing budget into paid advertising on these platforms. Nonetheless, with every post, paid or organic, the audience is exposed to content that help them gain a better understanding of the business they are following online. The more they see post, the better their understanding should be of the company, what their goals are and how said company may be able to help them through their goods & services. Through the familiarity of the repeated exposure trust is built and that is a great base to have for any sales relationship.

4. Many sales are digital

Digital sales have grown as people spend more and more of their precious time online. But the good thing about that is that there are many products and services that are accessible to customers online with just the click of a button. Since you will be nurturing a digital relationship with them online, when they are ready to buy it is easy for them to click on over to your website and make a purchase there.

5.  Education is key

A digital platform allows for one more way for brands to teach the potential customer about their products or service. Here, people can interact with the brand, ask them questions in the comments or message them directly. Whatever way you put it, this is just one more channel to be able to educate the consumer.

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