Tips to Increase Sales Affordably and With Less Effort


Sofia Sandoval

Dec 21, 2019


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To increase sales, you've got to have a plan. Learning who your customer is and what drives them to buy is vital. Use these tips to increase sales affordably with less effort.

One of the most significant areas of emphasis with any business is sales. Without them, it's impossible to succeed. When focusing on increasing revenue, there are things you should and shouldn't do as a business owner. We created this short but comprehensive guide with small businesses in mind. It helps you increase your sales, improve your customer service, and build a customer base.

Some subjects that we discuss include reaching your target market, offering an exceptional customer experience, encouraging word of mouth advertising, setting up a referral program and loyalty program, and making your social media accounts work well for you. Tips to increase sales affordably are listed below for you to take consideration of, apply, and measure the results you get from implementing them into your day-to-day operations.

Identify Your Target Customers

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Your target audience needs your product or service in their lives. By identifying who they are and where they spend their time online, you're able to increase the number of sales you make each day by coming up with a relevant marketing strategy that is on-brand and valuable. A one-size-fits-all approach isn't helpful because it ultimately leaves people out. You may be targeting a similar demographic of people, but each customer has their own needs, wants, and desires.

By figuring out who these customers are, you're able to reach them more effectively by creating the type of content they hope to see and engage with on the social media platforms they visit most. That means more significant opportunities to sell your products and services as well as extend your reach past existing customers to new customers regularly. You can target your audience by demographics such as age, gender, and socioeconomic status, psychographics which take into account the attitudes and preferences of a demographic, ethnographic that examine cultures, and purchasing habits of the target customer you wish to connect with regularly.

Conducting a survey helps you get to know the people who buy from you more intimately. That way, you're able to offer them better quality products and services in the future. It provides you with valuable insight that can help you increase your sales exponentially.

Choose the Social Media Platforms That They Spend the Most Time On

With your target customer in mind, you now know where to meet them online. You can concentrate your marketing strategy on the platforms of your choice. Using social media to drive sales to your website is ultimately the goal. The average pin on Pinterest gets repined ten times, drives at least two site visits and six views of a page, and makes you about 78 cents in sales.

Being consistent with the frequency in which you post helps turn every pin into a potential profit for you with minimal effort. Cross-promoting between social media platforms helps, too. Your website should also have social media buttons on it where people can go to learn more about you and what you stand for as a company. The more exposure your brand has online, the higher the chance you have of profiting from an influx of sales.

Address Their Pain Points

Offer your customers solutions that they love. Make the transaction deeply personal. Elicit emotion from them. Help them feel nostalgic and connected to your brand's products and services. When the response they receive from you is heartfelt, they'll feel more compelled to give you their loyalty by buying from you regularly.

Existing customers have already identified what makes you different from your competitors. New customers have yet to experience all that you have to offer them. The voice you create for your brand carries a lot of weight. It has the potential of increasing your sales naturally by giving people a reason to check out your website and what it sells.

Give Them Incentives to Buy from You

Basic branding 101 encourages you to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your target audience. By giving them incentives to buy from you and only you, you're able to increase sales and profit handsomely regularly. They won't think twice about giving you their business. They'll also be more apt to spend more with each transaction, too, because the perceived value you deliver to them is far higher thanks to the extras that you provide.

Exceptional customer service is notable. Customers may experience an issue with your products or services. If you're willing to make it up to them some way, they remember the interaction they had with you. They're aware of how prepared you are to make things right, and it turns a potentially harmful situation into a positive one.

Offer Higher Priced Services in Addition to Other Products and Services

Price your products and services with great care. Make sure that you have higher priced services in addition to lower-priced ones. You won't need to convince a loyal customer of the value your product or service brings because they'll have already experienced a great deal of customer satisfaction with you and your brand.

Making use of the 60x60 rule increases your sales and makes upselling natural. This rule states that at the time of purchase, customers buy upsells approximately 60 percent of the time and at 60 percent of the original price. The only condition is that it must be something that goes with the unique item that the customer buys. It doesn't make sense to sell a keychain to someone who just invested part of their paycheck on a pair of shoes.

Reward Loyalty

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Giving customers that 'WOW factor' doesn't require much effort from you. All it takes is a loyalty program that you implement right away. By providing your customers with something to look forward to for frequenting your business online often, you're helping them commit fully to your brand. They won't spend their money with anyone but you because you've proven how valuable they are to your company with the loyalty program you've created.

Encourage Referrals

Apply the Five and Ten Philosophy to boost sales. It has you contacting ten new clients every business day. With those ten leads, try to get at least five referrals from each. That's 60 potential new customers a day! You can get more mileage out of every contact by setting up a referral program that co-exists with your loyalty program.

Word of mouth advertising carries a lot of weight. It's free and extremely beneficial because customers who have already experienced your brand and customer service relay their thoughts about your company to other people. Interested parties contact you, visit your website, or follow your social media accounts without having a minute of interaction with you to date. That's when you appeal to them emotionally by solving their pain points and reassuring them that your product or service is the best available.

Partner with Other Businesses

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A mutually beneficial practice to get into is to establish professional relationships with other business owners. Doing so can help increase the number of your sales quickly and affordably. At the very least, it gives them a reason to refer people to you. You reciprocate by doing the same for their business. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Not only will you be extending your reach to other companies and their customers, but you'll also be building a reputation based on trust for yourself. Once other businesses see how willing you are to work with them, they'll be more apt to do the same. You can help them increase their sales while simultaneously improving yours. Then, when they can't help a customer with what they need, they'll send them to you directly.

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