To 36,000 Views and Back Again: Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

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Golda Criddle
Golda Criddle
August 7, 2012
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In case you didn’t notice, we recently went through a website redesign last week. It’s all part of a re-branding process for our company –we’ve changed our focus from services to products to help not clients but customers. If you explore the tabs above, you can read all about our new product RevBooster: an online marketing solution for independent hotels and resorts.

With the overhaul of our website, we had an unfortunate casualty: our blog analytics.  The E-Marketing Associates blog was started in June 2010 and over two years we had some great stats. With the redesign we weren’t able to keep our old blog statistics and analytics, perhaps due to not knowing the original WordPress login and password. (Let that be a lesson to you bloggers out there: keep track of your logins!)

We were quite sad to see our stats go, as it was a point of pride, but luckily all of our old posts are still archived for visitors to find. I thought I’d share a screenshot we were able to take of our blog statistics before the redesign, and some insights on how we got the views.

The E-Marketing Associates blog had amassed over 36,000 views during its two years of existence. That’s an average of 157 unique views per post! As you can see in the screenshot above, last year we had over 19000 visits with a steady upward increase each month. While we’ve fluctuated up and down this year month to month, we’re already at over 13000 views for 2012, so it is likely that our yearly overall views will be up from last year even if our WordPress stats don’t say so.

We’ve posted a few times about some of our most popular posts. Many of them are popular due to a focus on new technologies, or creativity. We’ve also seen many people find our blog through commonly searched keywords or image searches. It’s helpful that we post fresh content 1-3 times a week with varying keyword tags so that we have more potential to show up in Google.

One most consistent sources of traffic to our blog in the past is through referral traffic and social bookmarking. Many of our posts have been picked up by popular industry blogs such as Social Media Today and Of course it’s hard to say what these blogs are looking for when they choose articles to republish, but it’s helpful to do what you can on your own to get the word out there. Use social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and the many others out there to post links to your blog so that people can find it easily when they frequent these networks or through search engines.

Also consider posting your blog to relevant industry forums if you have the option to do so. We have seen many comments and visits from posting on BizSugar, a small business news and tips blog. Recently we have started submitting our posts to HospitalityNet, which has likewise brought along many views. Just be sure to do your research and make sure your posts are relevant to the community – you don’t want to be considered a spammer!

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