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Christine Lee

Aug 10, 2020


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For a small business, the competition to stay relevant and reach audiences can be daunting. There are always new social networks that seem to bring in newer and younger consumers. However, the video app TikTok has surprised many with its ability to capture the eye of all age groups. Are you using TikTok for small business marketing?

TikTok is a video-watching app with 15-second to 60-second videos that provides 500 million active monthly users access. With its advertising platform, small businesses can reach a younger-leaning audience just by making short videos.

If you want to expand your social media efforts and know that your business would do well with TikTok’s demographic, here are some tips to using TikTok for small business marketing.

Small Business Marketing on TikTok‍

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You have probably seen brands on Instagram and Facebook, engaging customers through posts, videos, live streaming, or even Snapchat ads. TikTok offers advertisers the chance to engage their users through video.

All clips must be short, bite-sized videos that quickly capture the attention of younger audiences. Celebrities, influencers, and politicians have been using TikTok for all kinds of promotional opportunities, so why not for your business?

Here’s what you’ll have to do if you want to be seen on TikTok:

1. Create Content for TikTok Users‍

If you haven’t spent any time on the app, now is the time to do so. Before you start planning out a TikTok strategy, you should know whether the atmosphere and demographic match your business type, especially if you’re looking for social media engagement.

Next, create authentic content that TikTok users will want to watch. These users aren’t producing studio-quality films. Instead, their videos are shot vertically with an iPhone or captured at the moment with their Android phones. You can reveal the real personality of your brand just by shooting your content the same way.

What Content Do TikTok Users Like?‍

Woman filming a video for TikTok

The most popular videos typically include pets, children, and something funny or quirky. The platform is geared towards a younger audience, so you will most likely be viewed by teenagers.

One great way to connect with users could be to show off pets around the office or how you’re helping out a local Toys for Tots drive. Perhaps you have younger interns or even family members who are younger. Ask them about what content would work with your brand on Tiktok to brainstorm a few ideas.

Another thing to note about TikTok, it’s not for the fake. Your business will likely need to tag in on hashtag challenges and get involved with something unique to get more views on this platform.

Quick Tips for Using TikTok Video‍

  1. Tap the black + to get started with video
  2. Add music and any effects, just tap “Sounds” to see different songs and genres available
  3. Check out TikTok filters including different speeds, beauty mode, and all kinds of other filters
  4. Type in a description and add hashtags so people can find your content

2. Share User-Generated, Original Content‍

User Generated Content graphic with a heart

Another method of doing well on TikTok is recognizing your users are already making content about your brand. You can repost this user-generated content (UGC) to get more shares, but you should always tag the original creator and add a hashtag with your brand.

People can search for all kinds of hashtags, so it’s essential to add yours to your profile and any post that you want users to find with your brand.

3. Become an Advertiser‍

There are currently four ways to become an advertiser on the TikTok app.

Brand Takeovers‍

Create a campaign and show ads right in TikTok user’s feeds before they see any other content. You can link to your landing page and also tag multiple categories. However, only one ad can show per specific category per day.

Native Ads‍

In between user content, advertisers can also share 9- and 15-second long videos with buttons. These automatically play as a user scroll, but they can also skip through ads.

Sponsored Hashtags‍

Hand holding a speech bubble with a #Hashtags

Hashtag challenges are the main user content on TikTok, so your brand must understand how they work and what to do. Whenever a new challenge is up, it shows on the Discover page. If your brand sponsors a challenge, you’ll get a custom banner on the Discover page, and when tapped by users, they see all of the videos joining in on the challenge.

This worked exceptionally well for brands like Samsung when they created a hashtag challenge for their Samsung A launch.

Branded Lenses‍

Finally, you can also create filtered lenses with your brand name. Users can pick filters for their videos that feature your brand’s name or products. These require some graphic design, but if your lens becomes widespread, it will be included on a top 10 trending list. There are 2D and 3D lenses to create.

4. Partner Up with TikTok Influencers‍

Influencer recording herself while drinking coffee

If you want your brand to get likes and followers instantly, it’s time to reach out to popular influencers who resonate with your audience. You can expand your reach immediately by signing up relevant TikTok influencers to create content or promote your products via their TikTok pages.

Here are three ways you can work with TikTok influencers:

  1. Create a video featuring your product or brand
  2. Post a link to your brand in their profile
  3. Take over your brand page and post content.

This can be a successful way to reach younger viewers who don’t know your brand yet. However, you should always work with influencers who will match your brand’s voice and respect any contract rules that you put in place.

Market Your Brand on TikTok and Everywhere Else‍

We’re here to help with your online brand. Whether you need help with reputation management, social media marketing, or paid social advertising, we’re the team to strategize and execute successful campaigns for your small business.

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