A Secret Guide to Creating your Hotel’s Story


Arielle Reyes

Nov 20, 2016


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Social Media

You may have read a plethora of articles advising you to use your hotel’s story when it comes to social media, blogging, and content marketing. While this is often a densely spoken suggestion, most will not tell you how to accomplish this. You are advised to do it, but no further instructions are provided on how to tell your story. It is pretty simple, and we are here to give you the secret to creating your hotel’s narrative.

Without further adieu, here is a guide to help you create your hotel’s story.


The first step you need to take before anything else is to think hard about your hotel and what it truly has to offer guests. This can range from a prime location, desirable amenities, price, proximity to key attractions, etc. During your brainstorm, be sure to list everything you can think of, even if you don’t end up using it later in the strategy.


Who is your audience? What type of guests are you interested in attracting? If you are located near a convention center, it may be business travelers. Perhaps your hotel is located in Anaheim, and the majority of your business comes from leisure travelers who are visiting Disneyland. Determine the key audiences that your hotel wants to attract through its online strategy. Try to limit this to one or two traveler types. Remember, your hotel can’t be everything to everyone, and it’s best to zero in on just a single or possibly two target markets. Since you now know exactly what your hotel has to offer, determine how this is important to your audience.

Pull up the brainstorming list you created when you established the various types of value that your hotel can offer guests.


Once you know the kind of audience you are interested in attracting, it is essential to determine the sort of voice that your content will carry. Are you looking to be humorous? Serious? Informative? Think about the type of voice that will best resonate with your target audiences and what has the capability of building communities and driving engagement.


The tone is slightly different than the voice in the sense that it will set the mood of your social media and overall content strategy. Another way to think of tone is attitude. Your tone should work in conjunction with your voice to send a consistent message to your audience. 


Once you know what your hotel has to offer and the voice and tone that you want to present it in, it’s time to start creating content around this. It’s essential to keep it consistent, regardless of the social media channel you are posting on and also including blogs and any other type of online content your hotel may push out.


Finally, the last step to take is regarding photography. You need to make sure to take pictures that align with the types of images your audience is interested in. Photos should compliment both the voice and tone of your content and show the value that your hotel offers your target audience. For example, if your hotel is looking to attract trendy millennials, then the photos that you use to go along with your content should reflect the type of pictures that this audience enjoys and engages with.

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