How to Use Buffer’s Pablo to Take Your Social Media Photos to the Next Level


Arielle Reyes

May 22, 2016


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Thanks to a ton of new tools available on the internet today, you no longer need to be an expert in photoshop to create some exceptional images for your hotel’s social media accounts. If you are looking for a convenient tool that will not only help you add some effects to your photos but will also correctly format them for different social media channels, then Pablo is for you. Here’s how to use Buffer’s Pablo to take your social media photos to the next level!

Get Ahold of Some Great Photography

This should include pictures of your hotel, amenities that are available for guests, your employees, and pretty much anything that makes your hotel unique. Since travelers aren’t exactly coming to a particular area to stay at your hotel, you are also going to want to stock up on photos of the local area and major attractions. Free-to-use or paid stock photos are also excellent to use, as long as they aren’t the majority of the images that you are using. Also, be sure to keep copyright law in mind.‍

Open up Pablo

Visit and click the blue ‘Try Pablo’ button. There are some free to use photos on the site that you can use. Just type in a keyword if you are interested in taking a look at what is offered.

‍If you wish to upload your photo, head to the bottom left of the page, click ‘Upload Image,’ and choose the photo you want to edit.‍

Once you upload your image, it will show under the canvas section in the middle of the screen. It will automatically show up with the ‘Light Contrast’ filter and with the body text.


Pablo offers three different sizes that you choose from. Tall images that work well on Pinterest:‍

Square photos that work well as Instagram or profile photos:

If you are looking to adjust a photo to the proper size for Facebook and Twitter posts, use the third size:

You can click the reposition button to get the perfect picture. If you wish to change the size of your photo manually, you will need to use a different photo editing tool, such as Pixlr.


Filters are an easy way to edit the way your photo looks without needing any technical skills. Pablo offers nine different filters, or you can select ‘none’ if you like the picture the way it is. Play around with the various filters and see which one works the best. This includes both the photo and the content that you plan on adding.


There are two parts to adding text within Pablo. First, decide if you want the text to show in the header of the photo, the body, or on the bottom as a caption. To add your text, click the white text twice and start typing.

Another neat option that Pablo offers is the option to select between a variety of different quotes. In the text box, you will see a line that says ‘Add Quotes’ with two arrows. You can browse through the different quotes and see how they look over your photo. Keep in mind that the font will always be in white, so choose an image where the white text will stand out, or use a filter that will make it easy to read.

Adding your Logo

If you are interested in adding your logo or watermark to your photo, use the Logo box to upload the image. You can adjust the size and radius, as well as move the logo anywhere on the picture.

Save Your Work

Once you adjusted your photo, added text, or slapped on a filter, you can easily save your picture so that you can start sharing it on social media. Click the blue ‘Share & Download’ button at the bottom right of the screen.

What other tools do you use to edit your hotel’s social media photos?

Photo Credit: Best Western PLUS Sunset Plaza Hotel in West Hollywood, CA

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