How You Can Benefit From The Hotel Selfie


Tina Cheong

Mar 9, 2015


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Millennials can be defined as the generation of people born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s. They are also the generation that spends the most time being on their phones, capturing and uploading moments that they find worthy onto various social media sites. This allows all of their friends and family members on social media to know just exactly what they are up to. The Millennials are quite involved with social media. With the easy access of apps, people can able to take a simple picture and transform it into something that manages to show their artistic side. In addition to that, the “selfie” trend has become something familiar. Selfies allow people to express their creativity and take unique photos of themselves at the place that they are vacationing at. This new trend has given millennials a new approach to taking pictures in comparison to the old traditional photos that people would take while on vacation in the past. As more millennials begin to travel, hoteliers must be able to accommodate this change and understand the importance of having a selfie-friendly setting.

For hoteliers to do this, they would have to be able to create something that would attract millennials to their hotel so that they can share it on social media. To accommodate this selfie trend, it is essential to remember that specific visuals are more likely to attract consumers to take a selfie with that space. The visual has to be able to define the hotel. When the photo is shared, people will know exactly where the photo was taken. Hoteliers should put a lot of thought into this so that they can create a creative space that can define the hotel easily for their consumers. The creative space needs to be distinguishable so that when it’s shared on social media, this will help create more exposure for the hotel. This could potentially draw in more customers for the hotel as well because millennials are more likely to visit places that they see being posted on social media so that they can visit the area and take a picture for themselves as well. You can get an even more significant benefit if you include a hashtag!

While having an excellent visual is essential to attract new consumers, initially; The hotelier must remember that it is not just about having a creative space for consumers to share on social media. Having a beautiful area for consumers to take pictures at will not be enough to create customer loyalty if everything else about the hotel is mediocre. Everything else about the hotel should be useful to create a pleasant experience for the consumer.

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