The Best Types of Videos for Hotel Marketing


Nigel Rodgers

Aug 27, 2015


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Hoteliers know that video is one of the most important forms of marketing content on the internet. Video content gets more engagement than any other kind of digital content. Experts believe that, by 2018, video will take up about 79% of the internet. Since video has such a significant impact online, it is crucial to know how to use video to connect with your audience. Here are some of the most popular types of videos that will help increase your hotel’s impact online.

Virtual Tours

What better way to show off your hotel than to show a video walkthrough of your property? Virtual tours give guests a live-action look at your hotel. Show them what it’s like to walk through your halls or lounge by the pool. You can also show your viewers what it feels like the first time they walk into a room. Virtual Tours make your guests feel like they’re actually in your hotel and make them comfortable before they even get there.

Guests of the Month

Guests like to feel appreciated. A great way to show that your hotel cares about its guests is to celebrate them. By having a ‘Guest of the Month’ video, you can film your guests saying great things about their stay. Also, showing that you appreciate your guests lets the viewer know that connecting with your visitors is most important to your hotel.

User Content

Another way to show your hotel’s connection to its guests is by uploading user content. Ask your guests to take videos of themselves having fun at your hotel and post it on their social media. Once they post it, have them tag your hotel’s social media site so you can repost the video. When travelers see others having a great time at your hotel, it places a positive image of your property in their minds.

The Staff of the Week

This is similar to the ‘Guest of the Month’ video. The ‘Staff of the Week’ video adds a human element to your hotel. Potential guests can see that your hotel is alive and not just a building with rooms. Giving a voice to your excellent staff puts a face to your hotel, and it gives your team a platform to speak about how great your property is.

Local Events

Sometimes the biggest draw to your hotel is what’s happening in the local area. Whenever there are annual or monthly events in your area, hoteliers can send a crew out to film themselves having a great time at those events. Whether it be a food festival, art event, farmers market, or local concert, showing these great events in your area will attract interested guests to your hotel.

Hotel Facility and Amenity Updates

People like new things. When something new comes to your hotel, promote it with video. Did you renovate your rooms? Create a short video showing what the new rooms look like. Maybe your hotel just added new gym equipment. A video showing guests using the equipment can increase engagement with travelers who find fitness important. If there are fresh foods added to your menu, create a video where the hotel chef explains his/her cooking methods. A sense a newness will always give your hotel an advantage over those that are always the same.

Your videos should tell a story about your hotel. Guests should be able to understand the culture, personality, and goals of your hotel just by watching a short clip. People that feel a connection with your hotel are more likely to book a room.

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