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Christine Lee

Jul 6, 2020


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Marketing on social media appealed first to eCommerce businesses. The appeal of online stores and easy-breezy checkouts makes it easy to build a social media marketing plan that directly links Facebook users to a purchase button.

To advertise dentist services, these social media marketing for dental clinic tips can help. However, the first thing to note is that marketing plans must focus on content and building engagement, as dentists have little eCommerce opportunities.

The Top 3 Social Media Marketing Tips for Dentists‍

Social Network - Mobile phone forming connections

Social media marketing for dentists also has unique challenges, as customer acquisition typically means finding patients with tooth and gum problems. People already know that they need a dentist, but it can feel a bit like a terrible reminder, especially for those who weren’t thinking about their dental care.

So, where do dentists fit in on social media? There is a perfect social media strategy for dentists to acquire new patients, while also marketing to their current patients.

The combination is a one-two-three engagement strategy that builds confidence and trust.‍

Here are some tips for picking up your social media engagement quickly. The first step is quite easy, but it helps your practice instantly feel more human and customer-oriented.

1. Be More Social‍

If you’ve been in dentistry long enough, you’ve heard the same things from your patients, but one of the most prominent statements is, “I’d rather be anywhere else than the dentist.” Though often said with a laugh, dentists have to work hard to overcome this perception that going to the dentist is nerve-wracking and painful.

So, establish the relationship you want to have with your tone and content:

  1. You’re the authority on all dental questions. What dental FAQs can your content answer?
  2. You’re their miracle worker. What before and after videos or images can you provide showing your work?
  3. You’re an appointment helper. When should they come in for a visit? How can they get reminders and manage their appointments?
  4. You’re a beacon for dental expertise and new trends. How do you prevent dental problems from getting worse? What new procedures are you offering?
  5. You’re always there in times of trouble. When patients message you on Facebook or Twitter, you respond quickly and answer their questions as best you can.

By providing as much information as you can with your content, you set a knowledgeable, friendly tone. The best thing you can do is respond to comments, add a question and answer content, talk to patients in DMs about their issues, and help specific patients who have appointment questions.

2. Build Social Content You’d Like (+Examples)‍

The best way to do this is to get active on social media and look at other currently shared dental content.

Your content should include your branding, tone, and style. However, much of your job is to make dental information palatable. If your goal is to bring more people in, you should focus on your patients’ needs, which typically comes down to appointments, cleanings, insurance questions, dental implants, a child’s dental health, cavity help, and more.

Dental topics don’t have to be dull. There are a ton of ways to talk about and have fun with dental procedures. Here’s a look at some interesting dental social media examples:

Funny Memes to Draw Attention

Memes on social media aren’t for every business, but some examples will make your audience laugh, especially at embarrassing dental problems that everyone has.

Example #1:

Funny Post - John has 32 Candy bars. Then he eats 18 candy bars. What does John have now? Cavities. John has cavities.

Set the Tone for Your Patient-Client Relationships

People want to feel comfortable when they go to the dentist. Help your customers see them as you do.


Instagram Post - When I see my favorite patient coming into my office (Happy man).

Create Clever Promotional Art

You can also convey dental problems with a bit of creativity to draw the eye.


Old man with a long mustache covering his smile. "Stop Hiding Your Teeth".

Sometimes the most straightforwardworkingNow approach is best when you have a longer call-to-action.


Twitter Post with a cartoon tooth image as a CTA.

Use Video to Advertise

Video has been shown to get the most engagement, which is why it’s best to use for paid ads on social media. This video worked well for Crest advertising whitening strips on Facebook.


Focus on Beautiful Smiles

Most people just want to smile with pearly white, healthy teeth, so why not make your content all about beautiful teeth?

Example 1:

Twitter Post with a woman smiling to the sky.

Example 2:

Before and After Concept of the teeth. Before: Cheese-like look with holes and a rat. After: White teeth.

3. Bring in New Patients

So now that you’ve established the tone and relationship you want to have with your audience on social media, your content will start to work for itself. Your patients already following you will likely share more of your content and recommend you to their family and friends. That’s the best form of advertising.

To make it easier to share your practice, you can add these pieces of content to your social media profiles:

  1. Friends and family discount promotions
  2. New patient promotions
  3. Get more customer reviews and client testimonials (videos and before/after images are best)
  4. Contact info or online scheduling tab
  5. Email sign up button (Easy to add on Facebook or add a link in your Twitter/Insta bio)
  6. Blog content and landing pages linking to your specialty services

Social media marketing for dental clinics doesn't have to be complicated. However, it is best to have a business website that provides services, information, and online scheduling.

As long as you are posting this content frequently and branding your practice across all channels consistently, it’s guaranteed that these three simple things will help you engage and bring in new patients.

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