How to Get More Customer Reviews


Kathryn Park

May 24, 2020


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If you’re a business owner, customers should mean a lot to you. They’re the reason you’re in business, after all. These days, many people will not become customers of new enterprises and companies until they are confident and comfortable with parting with their money. Many shoppers will consult social media sites, friends, and of course, other online reviews before making a purchase. Seeing google reviews and product reviews online regarding your business will boost your image and invite new potential customers to commit themselves to your brand. While you may not have control over what other social sites and friends say, you can take the reins when it comes to customer service. Here are five ways to get more customer reviews.

Be Responsive‍

If you want to get more customer reviews, you can start by responding to the ones you have. People appreciate knowing they are talking to a real person, someone who genuinely cares about their remarks, someone who will make an effort to enhance their overall experience. Whether you’re receiving positive or negative reviews, it’s imperative to be responsive. After all, who doesn’t like a company that responds to reviews! It makes customers feel like their problems with your product matter to you, and you’ll do everything in your power to fix it.

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A company that uses both positive and negative reviews to improve is a company that will be deeply appreciated. When people talk about your business, they won’t have anything bad to say about an excellent customer service team. Responding frequently can also help you achieve a ‘very responsive’ badge level.

Ask Product-Related Questions‍

Nobody knows your products better than you do...or at least you might think so. Believe it or not, but your customers know just as much, if not more. After all, they’re active users. If you want to know what they think about a specific item or function, ask them how it’s working for them. Open-ended questions are great for gathering information because it allows customers to respond honestly. You can ask strategic questions that can ideally turn into a review. While you’re doing this, you can direct those customers to your website. Publicly asking and answering questions also gives other potential customers the chance to understand your company and the quality of customer service they’d receive as regulars.

Share, Share‍, Share

Get the word out! Show off the positive reviews that you’ve been receiving. Sharing the reviews is social proof that other people are enjoying everything your company does, from the quality of the product to the attentiveness of the customer review team. You can invite customers to leave a review for a chance to be featured or shared on your platform. While positive reviews are great for sharing, the negative and mediocre ones are a learning opportunity. Don’t be ashamed or intimidated by “less than stellar” remarks from unhappy users. It’s all part of the reality of running a business. Showcasing your ability to handle reviews of every sort is never a bad thing. Reposting reviews is excellent content, and since social media is all about interpreting trends, many people will be encouraged to follow suit and share their words.

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Host Virtual or In-Person Events‍

Go live and do your product review or make a video of you or a customer unboxing your product. Invite your current users to join in on the event. While this is occurring, you can actively ask customers to leave their honest opinions and reviews. An event is a perfect environment for customers to engage and interact with your company and what it has to offer. You can also increase your response rate by immediately responding to questions as they come in during your event. The event should be helpful as well as educational. Your participants should feel as though they have gathered new information and insight about your business when it ends. Don’t focus solely on the event itself, because there are many post-event opportunities, like a survey. Closeout the event with a call to action that invites customers to leave their opinions and reviews.

Simply Ask For A Review‍

One surefire way to get customers to write reviews is just to ask. A review request not only invites customers to leave their genuine opinions, but it also piggybacks off the concept of being a responsive company. Some people just need a little bit of encouragement when it comes to leaving online reviews.

For example, if you want to get more organic reviews, pick a random customer and begin interacting with them. Asking a series of questions that can help you understand how the customer feels about your product can turn into asking them for a full-on review later.

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Getting customers to write reviews isn’t rocket science. Today, people live online, and it is one of the most commonly used areas for figuring out if a product is worth the money or not. Since the internet is anonymous, many people will be brutally honest. While this can be both a good and bad thing, you have the power to control the narrative of your own company. Fielding positive and negative reviews is a skill that every single company should master.

Your users are the only ones who can tell you if your product is improving or not working at all. Nonetheless, the goal is to get as many reviews as possible, regardless of what is being said. If you want more customer reviews, you have to be more proactive in getting them! There are lots of people who love leaving their opinions and feedback online, you just have to find them, and a little motivation goes a long way. You have to be just as hungry for reviews as customers are in leaving them. Business is a two-way street, so for best results, try using these tips in tandem with customer review software. Together, you should be able to get all of the reviews you need.

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