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Christine Lee

Sep 6, 2020


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For the longest time, people have wondered what Instagram would do about TikTok. The answer finally arrived in August 2020 when Instagram Reels was introduced. This latest development directly competes with the TikTok platform. We'll show you what this new feature is, how to use it, and tips to promote your brand using Reels.

What is Instagram Reels?‍

Woman video recording herself with her mobile - Instagram Reels icon

Instagram Reels is a content streaming format that lets users create and share 15-second videos with others in a dedicated Feed that can be found from the Explore page.

Much like the TikTok platform, Reels provides a suite of creative tools to let users create engaging, short videos directly on Instagram.

- Just record and edit 15-second clips on Reels using special effects, text, audio, stickers, and share with followers.

While Reels was first tested in Brazil in 2019, the feature is now available in almost all major countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. It's available on both the iOS and Android app for Instagram.

The new feature has been touted as a TikTok copycat. Still, many influencers, brands, and Instagram addicts say that Instagram Reels is an excellent addition to the platform and helps you reach other users fast with video content.

Where to Find Reels‍

Instagram message when opening Reels - Create With Reels

You can access this new feature by tapping on "Explore" within the Instagram app. Reels is located at the top of the Explore page, first showing the Reels feed. You can browse all other content being broadcast from Reels in this space, and you can also see what's trending or create your videos.

How are Reels Different From Instagram Stories?‍

The platform has made the Reels feature significantly different from Instagram Stories. Even though they sound similar, Reels offers new editing tools, such as speed controls, AR effects, and multiple transitions. You can seamlessly edit a video clip just within Reels.

None of those features are available with Instagram Stories. You can also include original audio, and your audio will be credited to you. However, just like TikTok, other users can snag your audio and use it as background sound to their Reel videos.

The benefit of Reels for Businesses‍

Woman video recording herself with a mobile phone.

If you have already been using TikTok for your business, then Reels works the same way. It's a quick video editor within Instagram's app that lets people see your content and share it quickly.

More Visibility‍

You can share your reel to a dedicated space in Explore, but users and brands can also post it to the Reels tab within their Instagram Feed. This option only works if you have a public page.

More Shareability‍

When you start sharing Reels, you'll notice that your video will also appear on dedicated pages with the same songs, hashtags, or effects featured in your video. This is the easiest way to get new followers and likes.

More Control‍

You don't need any other video editing program to create Reels. These videos are easy to record and share directly to Instagram. When tagged correctly, everyone within a hashtag community or using the same filter effect can see your video.

Best Ways to Use Instagram Reels for Business‍

Just like when Instagram Stories launched and drew comparisons to Snapchat, today's Reels is just like TikTok. The popular video platform allows users to create short clips easily consumed and shared with their audio or audio tagged from other users.

Brands should jump on the opportunity to use Reels and engage audiences quickly. However, these users consume content a little differently. They prefer content that is easy to view and quick to understand.

‍Find TikTok Videos for Reuse‍

Woman dancing TikTok challenge while another person films her.

If you have already created an account on TikTok, then simply reuse your content for Instagram. You can check out ColourPop Cosmetics for an example of how they used their short videos on TikTok to instantly create a Reels following on Instagram.

TikTok also allows you to cross-post and offers a place in your profile to share your Instagram profile directly. This will enable you to promote your channel on both social platforms.

Share Educational Content‍

The best way to get new followers is to release educational content that teaches what your audience wants to know. If you can help them develop a new skill with a quick video that also sells your product, then you'll get more followers, shares, and clicks to your product pages.

For example, you can share delicious recipes in bite-sized videos just by showing a step-by-step cooking approach, or you could film a behind-the-scenes process to how your products are made.

Your video should be short, easy-to-follow, and use catchy background audio to pull in more likes and comments. You can also add several hashtags, such as #recipes or #DIY, to get into more Reels communities.

Showcase Your Products‍

Woman filming herself while doing her makeup.

Even Instagram users who don't follow, you can see your content on the Explore page, which is why the Reels feature is so important to brands on social media. It's important to use text overlays, hashtags, audio, and descriptive captions to let Instagram add you to an algorithm relevant to the content.

Elf Cosmetics used emojis cleverly to talk about their new product’s benefits: the Luminous Putty Primer. The video was straightforward and easy to understand.

Share Content Users Will Love‍

Woman creating content for her Instagram

The importance of video content cannot be stressed enough for today's social media strategies. Brands should look to share behind-the-scenes content, user-generated content, and informational ways to use your product.

It's also a great way to share unique offers or your brand story. It's also essential for brands to stay genuine and don't turn every video into an advertisement.

So, How Will You Use Instagram Reels for Small Business?‍

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