How to Update a Marketing Plan


Martin Williams

Jun 24, 2022


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As a business owner, it's important to make sure that you periodically update your marketing plan. This will ensure that you're able to consistently improve your marketing, attract new customers/clients, and increase brand loyalty. However, effectively adapting your advertising strategies will require ongoing market research and a thorough understanding of your audience. Here's how to regularly update the marketing plan for your products and services to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

1. Audit Your Social Media Profiles

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It's always important to keep close tabs on your social media accounts. That's because you may need to shift your focus from platform to platform over time. Here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind when you're auditing your company's social media pages:

  1. Keep track of your user engagement statistics over time, and always focus on improving pages that have lower levels of engagement than previously.
  2. Determine which pages are performing the best, and consider focusing most strongly on other platforms like them in the future.
  3. Always ensure that the new content you post on social media is consistent with your brand's image.
  4. Make sure that you're familiar with the unique target audience on each platform. This can help you to create more effective, customer-based strategies.
  5. Consider reused content if you're promoting your brand on multiple platforms.

2. Don't Use the Same Marketing Strategies For More Than 2-3 Years

If you're wondering how to update a marketing plan, it's important to ensure that you're doing it often enough. Most experts recommend updating your digital marketing strategies every 2-3 years. That's because the internet changes fast, and it's extremely important to keep up with the times. Here are a few signs that it's time to adopt the digital marketing strategies your business uses:

  1. If you notice a decrease in the number of new clients and/or customers you're getting, it's possible that you need to make changes to your digital marketing strategy.
  2. A decline in social media engagement is often a sign that you need to adapt your digital marketing action plan to the current times.
  3. If you notice changes in your audience's demographics, it might be time to update your digital marketing strategies.

3. Keep Up With the Latest SEO Marketing Trends


Search engines frequently change their algorithms, and you'll need to adapt your SEO strategies accordingly. Here are a few of the most important things to be aware of when you're updating content for Google's latest algorithms:

  1. Understand that the quality of content is likely to become increasingly important with future updates.
  2. If you are unsure about anything in an algorithm update, you can reach out to Google to ask questions.
  3. Always consider voice search rankings when you're adapting content to the latest search engine algorithms.

4. Utilize Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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Word-of-mouth marketing is a tried and true way to promote any small business, and it's essential to do everything that you can to fully harness its potential. Most experts recommend that small business owners make use of these simple techniques:

  1. Offer a refer-a-friend program. This program can include discounts or free merchandise in exchange for referrals.
  2. Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing on social media by encouraging users to share content.

5. Do Research on Your Competitors

Competitor Analysis

Regularly doing research on your competitors can help you to optimize the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies. That's because you'll be able to more effectively differentiate your brand on the web. Here are a few of the most important tips to keep in mind when you're doing this important research:

  1. If you're wondering how to update a marketing plan to keep up with the competition, one of the most important things to look at is familiarizing yourself with their latest products and services.
  2. Know the keywords that your competitors use. This will help you to pick more effective ones for your business.
  3. If you notice that some existing customers seem to have shown an interest in your competitors, try to figure out why this is the case.

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