How to Increase Sales With Existing Customers


Steve Thompson

Jan 14, 2022


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Small businesses are often so busy trying to reach new customers through marketing they forget they can be boosting revenue from their existing customers. Managers can execute several effective revenue-enhancing strategies, such as a loyalty program designed to increase revenue. Here's a business owner guide on how to increase sales with existing customers.

1. Increase Revenue from Existing Customers

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When you learn how to increase sales with existing customers, you won't have to depend on spending money to acquire new customers. One way to increase average spend per customer is to develop and test a basket of marketing techniques. One of the most effective techniques is to upsell by emphasizing quality products.

2. Use Marketing Automation Software

Even though word of mouth is the best form of marketing for increasing loyal followers, it's not the most efficient method for reaching a large volume of people in a short time. Investing in marketing automation software provides a solution for more direct customer service while it helps build long-term relationships. The software allows you to create profiles of your customers and organize them in email lists for newsletters and promotional updates. It gives you a fantastic edge over competitors who don't use the software.

3. Prioritize Inquiries from Existing Customers

One way to get a customer to buy multiple products of your brand is to prioritize your customers based on loyalty. When emails pile up from your followers, you can increase the odds of sales conversions by prioritizing your customers that already spend the most on your brand.

You might try and cross-sells, along with price point testing. Learn what other products and services your loyal patrons are looking for and find out what they're willing to pay. While upselling encourages patrons to upgrade, cross-selling is the act of making customers aware of choices they might like based on their purchase history.

4. Hire People-friendly Customer Service Talent

Many small businesses come and go over time. The ones that last a long time tend to have excellent customer service talent. Building long-term customer relationships should be considered a cost-effective alternative to the high cost of acquiring new customers. The more you build trust through expert customer service, the more you will spend money on your brand.

5. Reward Customers with a Loyalty Program

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Creating a customer loyalty program is advantageous for increasing sales because it opens the door to more buying opportunities for your most devoted patrons. By giving them access to a source of multiple discounts and special privileges, you will help build stronger loyalty and more consistent revenue.

A loyalty program can be designed for a particular membership in which you issue customers membership cards. Giving loyal customers access to exclusive deals will make them feel special and want to promote your brand.

6. Find Out What Your Customers Want

Researching your market is the best way to build your knowledge base about your brand. Surveys and interviews with random people in your target market can help give you deeper insights into your market that competitors may overlook. Use your existing customer base to increase sales. You can also learn about your target market with focus groups who answer your questions about their tastes and expectations in your field.

7. Develop New Products and Services

Once you learn your existing customers’ needs and pain points, you can develop new products and services for them. You can also increase revenue from existing customers by offering customization at a premium price. Sometimes all you need to do to spark new interest in your existing offerings is a slight adjustment that's perceived as a fresh update. The more you learn about your customer base, the more you can sell different products to the same base.

8. Encourage Followers to Spread the Word

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One of the oldest ways to promote a brand is word of mouth. When friends tell friends about a brand they like, it creates a ripple effect. The concept of word of mouth can be extended to the online community through social media networks and other interactive sites. The more you inspire customer engagement with your product or service, the greater chance you'll have of attracting new leads from your existing base.

9. Track Customer Reviews and Social Media Comments

Reading trade publication articles about your industry is helpful but isn't enough to keep up with your market’s perception of your brand. You can improve customer relationships by tracking online reviews about your brand, and it will give you an idea of what others read about you when they search your brand.

Another way to learn about your market is to study analytics from your website and other web properties. You'll know where your audience comes from and how often they visit your site. It will tell you which content your visitors spend the most time consuming and a wide range of data about your audience.

10. Offer Discounts

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Online discounts are very popular with smartphone users, who are the readiest to buy. When people are searching for a local business, they are prone to visit the establishment that offers a digital coupon. Offering discounts makes customers feel special; they know about deals that can save them money.

Every business has goals to increase sales, but only a certain percentage of firms understand meeting or accelerating ROI. One way to build sales with the same customer base is to offer bargains that cannot be found anywhere else.

11. Personalize Communication with Customers

This century customers increasingly want more personalized correspondence when they interact with brands. It helps show that the organization cares about its customers as individuals, not just as digits on a screen that represent sales. You can personalize your email communications with customers with email marketing software, which generates both automated and manual messages. The software can help you become more familiar with your customers by tracking purchase experiences and organizing your market into segments.

12. Maximize Digital Marketing Expertise

Digital Marketing Team

It's essential for a small business trying to reach an online community to gain visibility in search engines and other internet resources. Most business managers do not have the time to develop digital marketing expertise as part of their job responsibilities, so they outsource to a seasoned digital marketing team.

When you hire a digital marketing team, you'll tap into SEO knowledge that can help improve your visibility in search results. You'll also have access to a deep talent pool that allows orchestration of online campaigns through social media.


Enhancing the customer experience is the best way to summarize how to increase sales with existing customers. Turning to digital marketing experts for small business website design and management is perhaps the most actionable item on this list. Working with an experienced digital marketing team will give you insights on making your site more attractive to your target market.

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