Building Your Hotel’s Brand Online


Krystal Contreras

Dec 19, 2016


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Before you begin working on the construction of your online image, you need to establish what your brand is. What does your business stand for, believe in, or aim to complete? What does your business do for the customer, and why? Who is the customer? What are the customer’s interests, and how does your company fit in with their needs and wants? Identifying your brand may be a tricky task, but it is essential in moving forward. Once you have decided on a brand, you can start transferring that vision onto social media and other online platforms.

“Our Story” Tab on Your Hotel’s Website

The simplest, most straightforward way to share your hotel’s message and beliefs are through an “About us” or “Our Story” tab on your hotel’s website. This tab should be visible on the home page and easily accessible to visitors curious to learn more about your business. There are many ways you can showcase your brand on this page. A few of the most common and most successful follow these guidelines: tells the company story, or history; describes what drives the business, whether it involves charity, fighting for a cause, or simply providing quality products and experiences; and expresses the business’s tone and personality. 

Although there are many ways to get your message across, when writing and arranging your “About Us” page, be sure to maintain a tone that follows your brand image. For example, if you wish for your hotel to be seen as high-end and professional, avoid using relaxed language. However, if your hotel wants to reach a younger, more laid-back audience, adding some informal language may be appropriate.

Post Content that Reflects Your Hotel’s Brand

Along with writing content that embodies the tone of your business, all other media posted on behalf of the company should also reflect that brand. Post content that fits that brand and what followers and potential customers would expect for your business to post. For example, if your brand focuses on the wonders of the outdoors, avoid posting content that promotes entertaining aspects of the city. Posting content that does not follow a central theme or brand will result in mixed messages, which will, in turn, result in a less effective marketing strategy.

Reach Out to Influencers Who Fit Your Brand

Influencer marketing is utilized by businesses that wish to hire social media influencers and bloggers to share and promote their business. When conducting research on which bloggers and social media influencers to contact, first identify their brand. Does the influencer’s brand match your own? Who is the influencer’s audience? Will the influencer’s followers respond to the promotion well, or will they be uninterested? Before choosing to work with an influencer, make sure that the influencer’s image reflects your business. If you have built an image that you are a family-friendly hotel, it would be unwise to work with an influencer who often shares and is known for posting adult content inappropriate for children. Instead, family-friendly brands should contact “mommy bloggers” to work with, for they tend to focus on family activities, products, and travel.

Branding is essential for any business. Having a brand makes it easier for internet users to discover your hotel based on their interests. Start reaching your target audience and start building your brand online today!

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