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E-Marketing Associates harnesses the power of cutting-edge tools: Local SEO, Listing Distribution, and Listing Sync Pro, to elevate your business's local online presence.

Local SEO lays the foundation by establishing accurate business listings across the web to attract leads and generate revenue, featuring essential tools like Google Insights, Listing Sync, Listing Distribution, and My Listing for a comprehensive business listing solution​​. The Pro version of Local SEO takes it further with advanced features such as geo-specific insights, keyword tracking, AI-powered business profile content creation, and multi-platform syncing to major platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, and soon, Apple Maps​

Listing Distribution extends your visibility by submitting your business information to major data aggregators like Data Axle, Neustar/Localeze, and Foursquare, which then distribute this information across over 300 online directories. This ensures widespread visibility and helps correct inaccuracies at the source​​.

Listing Sync Pro offers instant synchronization of your business details across more than 50 reputable sites, managing duplicates and protecting your listings from unauthorized changes. This real-time update capability ensures your information is always current wherever customers are searching​​.

By leveraging these sophisticated tools from Vendasta, E-Marketing Associates offers a robust Local Search marketing strategy that significantly improves your brand's visibility online, drawing more local customers to your business. Our approach simplifies the complex world of online listings and SEO, transforming online searches into real-world visits.

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Local SEO

Local SEO software is designed to enhance a business's online presence for local searches. This tool, available in both standard (free) and Pro versions, helps businesses get found more easily through mobile apps, voice search, and more. It allows for the synchronization of business information across essential sites like Google and Facebook, and instantly builds a microsite to improve online visibility. The Pro version offers advanced features like geo-specific insights, keyword tracking, and AI-powered business profile content creation, aiming to optimize client findability in local search and deliver significant value

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Listing Distribution

Listing Distribution ensures business listings are accurate across various platforms by submitting information to major data providers like Data Axle, Neustar/Localeze, and Foursquare. These providers feed information to over 300 online directories, enhancing visibility and search accuracy. The service is crucial for managing public data, which may lack rich details like business hours or services, and for building a "Citation Effect" that improves SEO by creating consistent business data across multiple sources. This consistency helps Google's WebCrawler and generates good backlinks, further boosting SEO. Listing Distribution is designed for businesses of all sizes, ensuring they are found accurately in a wide array of apps and platforms

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Listing Sync Pro

Listing Sync Pro is a powerful tool designed to instantly update and maintain a business's listings across over 50+ sites from a single dashboard. It offers real-time updates, manages duplicate listings, and protects against unauthorized changes, ensuring accuracy across various platforms. Additionally, it supports instant creation and update of listings on a wide network including search engines, social networks, business directories, and navigation systems, making it an essential tool for businesses aiming for accurate online visibility.

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