Gifts Ideas for Your Hospitality Industry Colleagues


Alex Corral

Aug 23, 2013


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Showing your appreciation to a colleague for a job well done is a crucial part of a good business relationship. Hospitality industry professionals work and live all over the world, which makes it that much more important to connect with your colleagues and show them they are appreciated.

Promotional gifts are also a great way to boost your business. Everyone remembers the bottle of wine or personalized hotel cardholder they received as an additional thanks for their services or yours. Think of business gifts, branded or not, as unique and memorable business cards.


Who doesn’t like a plentiful muffin, fruit, chocolate or wine basket filled to the brim with tasty delights? This is an excellent option for food-loving colleagues or those brokers always on the go. Just choose the right basket to suit their tastes. If you go through an online company, you can choose what you want and when you want it delivered. This works if you know your colleague or client’s schedule.


A hot air balloon ride or movie tickets are a great way to show appreciation. It’s also something you know they’ll use. Websites such as Red Letter Days and Virgin Experience Days allow you to buy the gift of an “experience.” It can be an art class, a wine tasting course, or a bungee jump. The range of experiences is vast, and there will be something to challenge or entertain anyone.

For the Boys

While women may be pleased with a wine and chocolate basket or a spa certificate, your male colleagues can be a bit trickier. ManCrates is a web-based store that delivers man-friendly wooden crates. When wrenched open with a crowbar, contain a variety of gifts that any man would love to receive. From meat, beer, computer games to sports — gone are the days of the ugly tie as the token male gift.

Local Treats

Professionals in this business can travel a lot. Next time you are in a different city or country, find a local treasure that your colleagues would love. Local trinkets, souvenirs, and food items are usually affordable but will be new and exotic to clients and associates.

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