Digital Concierge Service Going Mainstream

Digital Concierge
David Sotelo
David Sotelo
July 6, 2011
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We have mentioned several applications for the hotel and hospitality industry including some to help you find a last minute room and some to give you’re a full service tour of your destination. Applications are starting to take away the spotlight from traditional websites as our go to choice for information. Applications are also starting to take shape into full service concierge services for the hotel industry. Most hotels have a concierge but a digital concierge are becoming more commonplace and for good reason. A digital concierge is your full time worker bee that can perform many tasks and transcend your hotel from the analog and into the digital age.

What is a virtual concierge and what does it do? Well a virtual concierge is a digital source for handling all your hotel needs. A digital source can be a Smartphone application, video, or even a monitor in your guest services area. The idea is to be a go to source for guests and anyone looking for information about the hotel but in convenient, interactive and helpful way. You can offer restaurant tips, driving directions, favorite night clubs by locals, and flight arrival and departure times to name a few. There really is no limit, whatever you think your guest and potential guests will like and want them coming back for more.

Hyatt Hotels have been using twitter as a customer service tool allowing their guests to send request 24 hours a day. Intercontinental Hotels has been using video starring individual hotel concierges that can be viewed on iTunes and You Tube. Marriott International Renaissance Hotels have a program called Navigator which offers suggestions for drinks, shopping and sightseeing that can be accessed the hotel’s webpage and iPhone app. Marriott International Courtyard which is a mid-tier brand has a 55-inch touch screen in their lobby called the GoBoard that provides news, weather, employee picks for restaurants and local attractions.

There are many more hotels that are using digital concierges to help their hotels stand out and take their guest relations to another level. A digital concierge will never replace face to face interaction and is not intended to do so but having a digital concierge service can be used in conjunction with one and can help improve customer satisfaction and can lighten your daily work load. If you are in the hospitality business you know that is always welcomed.

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