Decorate Your Hotel Marketing for the Holidays


Aileen Hoang

Dec 5, 2014


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‘Tis the season for holiday travel during one of the busiest times of the year for the hospitality industry. It’s the best time for hoteliers to get into the holiday spirit and provide a festive atmosphere to attract holiday travelers to stay at their hotel. From our previous blog, hoteliers learned how to leverage holiday traveler trends to increase revenue during the season of giving. Here are a few more strategies to decorate your hotel marketing initiatives and keep the wonder of the holiday in the heart of potential guests!

Light up the Season with Holiday Decor at the Hotel

An easy first step that hoteliers should take is to deck the halls of their hotel with holiday decor to create a welcoming ambiance for guests. Take things a step further by adding more holiday decorations to the hotel’s interior and exterior to greatly enhance the environment for holiday travelers. If it’s within the hotel’s budget, you might also want to add some festive flair to the hotel rooms, and if applicable, the hotel’s on-site restaurant or any other facilities available. Not very many hotels are decorated in the holiday spirit, so putting in this extra effort can go a long way for attracting potential guests to book at the hotel.

Dress up Your Hotel’s Website in the Holiday Spirit

Have your hotel’s website join in on festivities as well by revamping the site with seasonal imagery and holiday-relevant content. Show that your hotel celebrates the magic of the season by incorporating seasonal hotel photography, like snow-covered landscape or the hotel’s holiday decorations, either by using the natural environment or through graphic design. You may even want to include festive colors like red and gold on your website or play holiday music to add some extra excitement during the booking process. Revitalizing the website by including or updating upcoming holiday events, packages, and time-sensitive content to improve the hotel’s SEO. By adding some holiday cheer to your hotel’s website, it will increase its visibility and appeal toward travelers searching for an inviting place to stay during the holidays.

Wrap up Social Media in all of the Winter Fun

Don’t leave your hotel’s social media channels out of the holiday hoopla. This season is a great opportunity for your hotel to show off its festive personality! The cover photo is generally the first thing that social media followers see, making it beneficial to redesign this photo to get followers more excited about the holidays. This can be done with a simple decorative bow wrapped around the image or an enhanced holiday-themed image of the hotel for a more festive look. Apart from images, posting holiday-related content through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter is another effective way to market your hotel during the season. Video posts that center around holiday activities and attractions in the area, photos of the hotel’s holiday decorations, social media holiday contests, and more seasonal content will help to increase post engagement and the number of fans/followers across the hotel’s social media pages. By decorating social media channels with a holiday theme, it will help to keep messaging consistent and reveal exactly how involved the hotel is during the holidays to increase its image.

Make a ‘tree-mendous’ difference this year by spreading the holiday magic throughout the hotel’s offline and online presence for customers to rejoice in the spirit of holiday travel!

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