Attributes Every Hotel Should Have


José Gómez

Dec 21, 2018


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It is crucial to every hotelier that their customers have a pleasant experience during their stay. However, it is also essential to provide an excellent experience for them before they even step foot onto the property. A pleasant stay begins with the online experience that they have with the hotel. Here are a few qualities that every hotel website should have for their hotel to ensure a pleasant experience for their customers and potential customers.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Now it is no secret that many travelers use the internet to research potential hotels before their planned day of vacation. However, the amount of travelers using hand-held devices in comparison to an actual computer is increasing and will only continue to grow as mobile and tablet users continue to rise. With more travelers using their hand-held devices to browse the web, the importance of having a mobile website becomes crucial. By now, every website should have a mobile-friendly version of their site so potential customers can easily navigate the website. Though mobile websites usually do not contain all the massive content information that full websites do, it should still provide the necessary information that guests need to make an informed decision.

Guides for Tourists and Newcomers

It is not uncommon for travelers to need a little direction when it comes to local attractions and things to do in the area. It helps to have city guides, maps, and brochures of all places in the local area. The guides could also include ways to get around the area, distances of specific attractions/restaurants from the hotel, and a weather forecast so that they will be aware of the weather conditions during their stay. Events that are happening around the area should also be mentioned so that they can have options on what they want to do during their trip.


Hoteliers generally are active on social media nowadays since it is such a big part of everyday life. When it comes to the hotel, it is essential to make sure that all the information listed on the website and social media sites are all consistent, so that way, customers do not get confused when they are browsing through the different channels. It is also essential that customers get the same quality responses within a short amount of time regarding any issues, concerns, or questions they might have regardless of the channel that they use to contact the hotel. Overall, having an excellent online experience for customers is just as important as providing a unique experience during their stay. These are only a few qualities that will contribute to a pleasant online experience for customers.

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