5 Ways Hotels Can Use Twitter’s ‘Retweet with Comment’ Feature


Arielle Reyes

Apr 9, 2015


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Have you ever had the dilemma of whether to retweet another user's tweet using the retweet button or to RT so that you are able toenter a comment about the post? Twitter has finally solved this problem for its users. The social network's new 'Retweet with Comment' feature allows you to have the benefit of a retweet (including photos) while still adding your two cents to the post.

How does it work?

Twitter has made the 'Comment with Retweet' feature very simple. Click on the retweet button of the tweet you wish to share.

comment retweeting

A box will pop up that asks whether you want to Retweet or Retweet with Comment.

box on twitter showing whether you want to retweet or not

When you choose 'Retweet with Comment' at the top of the box there will be a space that says 'Add a comment.' Twitter gives you 280 characters that you may add to the tweet. Click the 'Retweet' button at the bottom right to send your tweet.

click retweet button

You will notice that retweets with comments look slightly different than regular retweets. The retweeted post is smaller and has a box around the post you are sharing while showing your comment larger on the top.

how retweets looks

5 Ways Hotels Can Use Twitter's New Feature:

1. Comment about nearby attractions

Since retweeting other users' content should be part of your Twitter strategy anyway, it's a great idea to use the new comment feature to add your input. Whether you make a simple comment such as "This is a great place to take the family" or "We highly recommend this attraction," you can add some value to the content you are retweeting.

2. State the hotel's location from major demand generators

Let your followers and potential guests know how close you are to specific demand generators in the local area. If you 'relocated in Hollywood and only a few blocks from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, mention this in your comment. Retweet a high-quality photo of the Walk of Fame and add something like, "Our hotel is only three short blocks away!" This lets travelers who are interested in staying close to this attraction know, and they may consider your hotel when they book their stay in Hollywood.

3. Interact with the local area

Social media is all about being social. Use this new feature to add engaging comments when you retweet another business or organization in your local area. This encourages them to interact with and retweet your content as well. When they share your content, they are opening up your hotel to new audiences which is great exposure for your hotel.

4. Add additional info to the tweet that your followers may find useful

Hotels often retweet content that they believe their followers and guests would find helpful. If you notice that something you are retweeting could use a few more details added to the post, you can add your two cents in your comment. For example, if the post is about a restaurant, you could add that they offer free parking or that they also offer happy hour.

5. Show your reply to a user who has tweeted to the hotel

It's a good idea to monitor all mentions of your hotel and respond accordingly. When you reply to a guest who has tweeted to your hotel, your response will not be shown on your main Twitter feed, only under 'Tweets and Replies.' If a guest tweets a great compliment, and you would like to share this along with your reply, use this new feature to retweet the guest compliment and also add a comment. 

Of course, Twitter users still have the option of retweeting without adding a comment. Retweets without comments will appear precisely the same as they did before. When retweeting, be sure to ask yourself if your comment will add value to the tweet and if guests will find your comment useful.

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