Short-Form Video Ideas for SMBs

March 10, 2023
Short-Form Video Ideas - Video camera
Since today's consumers have short attention spans, you must grab their attention quickly. Here are some short-form video ideas for small business to get you started

High-Quality Video on a Budget

January 20, 2021
Video camera in a pink background - Creating Video Content on a Budget
Has your small business been struggling with how to create high-quality videos on a budget? This guide will share practical tips on how to do it.

Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

December 18, 2019
how to grow youtube subscribers 2020
In all honesty, growing an account’s YouTube subscribers isn’t easy. It takes dedication, hard work, and some inside tips to take you to the top.

Find & Use User Generated Content

August 19, 2019
how to find user generated content
No matter how you slice it, people love social media. They love keeping up with people in their lives and staying up-to-date with the latest information.

Too Much Text in Facebook Ads

May 21, 2019
text in facebook ads
Did you know Facebook Ads require that you don't use too much text in photos and videos in order to be shown to the maximum number of people?

Tips for Incredible Photos Pt. 2

May 7, 2019
The Best Tips for Incredible Photos Part 2
We're here for tips on how you can invest just a little and make your photos impeccable. Check out this second part on how to get incredible photos.

Tips for Incredible Photos Pt. 1

April 9, 2019
The Best Tips for Incredible Photos Part 1
If you are on a time crunch or looking to save money with a DIY project check out these easy tips for improving your amateur photography skills

Exceptions to the Facebook's Rule

November 26, 2018
too much text in facebook ads
It can be frustrating when you create a Facebook ad only to see the Not Approved notification, especially for something as simple as too much text in the photo.

Photos Can Make Your Brand Credible

October 24, 2018
How Photos Make Your Brand Credible
When it comes to branding, visuals are essential. They represent your company on every level. From the color of the logo to the stationary you use, it matters.

Aesthetically Appealing Instagram

February 16, 2018
aestheticallyCreating an Aesthetically Appealing Instagram in 2018
Anyone can pick up a camera, take a photo, and post it on Instagram but to truly provide value and build a loyal following is something else entirely.

Five Free Photo Editing Tools

September 26, 2017
5 Free Photo Editing Tools
If you are looking to save some cash while making your photos stand out, these five free photo-editing tools are a great place to start.

Facebook’s Eight Tips for Photos

September 1, 2017
Facebook’s 8 Tips for Taking Great Photos
Facebook offers a list of 8 tips for taking photos. Learn about each one today! See how. you can use them for your property and put them into action today.

Crowdriff for Hotel Marketing

November 2, 2016
woman laughing
Don't have a budget for photography for your hotel? Move away from generic photos and have Crowdriff get the photos to come to you!

Video Marketing For The Holiday

December 18, 2015
christmas tree with ornament
The Holiday season is full of seasonal festivities that are great for powerful content marketing. One of the best forms of content to leverage is video.

Benefits of a Virtual Hotel Tour

December 2, 2015
hotel virtual tour
The more familiar your audience gets with you, the better chance you have to get them to your site. A great way to get traffic is with visual content marketing.

How You Benefit From The Selfie

March 9, 2015
three people taking a selfie
As more millennials begin to travel, hoteliers must be able to accommodate this change and understand the importance of having a selfie-friendly setting.

Professional & User-Generated Photos

January 20, 2014
professional photographer for hotel photos
Hotels should invest in better photography, and do so quickly to stay ahead of their competitors! Taking advantage of new image centric mediums is essential.

Give Hotel Guests What They Want

November 21, 2013
two people hugging their laptops
Here are some effective ways in which to entice an online visitor to book with your hotel. Make that first impression count, and start generating more bookings.

Lookers Into Bookers with New Photos

November 18, 2013
hotel photography
Typically, hoteliers do not neglect to update or renovate their properties, and in turn, they should not overlook their digital properties either!

Social Media Strategies for A Noobie

February 5, 2013
social media icons on a tree
Twitter found its way into the fashion world in 2013, with the debut of its Twitter dress. It was seen on UK “X Factor” judge, Nicole Scherzinger.
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