Short-Form Video Ideas for Small Business


Julie Frost

Mar 10, 2023


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After TikTok's success, short videos have dominated social media platforms. Many apps play videos automatically as users scroll through their feeds. They can turn off the autoplay function, but attractive thumbnails still grab their attention and make them watch for a few seconds.

Your followers may have short attention spans, so you only have a short time to communicate the value of your products and services. These short-form video ideas for small business educate, entertain, inform, and reach out to your clients for diverse reactions. Incorporate your branding into the videos so that followers remember your company after they resume scrolling.

What Are Some Short-Form Video Ideas?

Customer Videos

Customer filming herself reviewing a product

Customers are the most objective people that your business can attract. They're not looking to partner with your operation or make a profit. In fact, customers are happy to complain when something goes wrong. Their fellow clients trust them and avoid your business when they read several negative reviews.

A customer video testimonial is worth ten positive reviews, making it one of the top recommended short-form video ideas for small businesses. Post their videos with their permission to show off your satisfied clients. If you don't have videos, you can ask customers to film them for an incentive, such as a social media spotlight.


Investing in a full YouTube channel with actors and 20-minute videos might use too many resources, but you can film short clips that keep your audience invested. Present a simple, humorous story with a friendly character. Once they're hooked, followers tune in to see what happens, and they could also check out your product.

The story should be relevant to your brand. For example, if you sell cookware, you could follow a character's unsuccessful attempts to launch a cooking show. Show off your products without making each clip a 15-second advertisement. You could even buy cameos from popular influencers when your business takes off.

Product Demonstrations

Woman filming herself using a blender

Demonstrations increase sales by showing customers how your products work. For example, if you sell social media software, you could create a short-form video on how to create engaging posts using your software. They'll start imagining themselves using your software when they see how easy it is. You could also create a desire by showing different ways to use your software. Someone who thought they didn't need your solution might buy it at your online store.

You can't hold in-person demonstrations when you work online, but demonstration videos provide the same visuals. Plus, unlike in-person events, customers can watch the videos repeatedly. These videos also serve as advertisements when you point out the functional design, sturdy materials, and short learning curve.

You can come up with lots of short-form video ideas for small business by spending some time researching online.

Sneak Peeks

Sneak peeks excite customers because they see something hidden and exclusive. They also build anticipation, giving your followers a look ahead of time. Your sneak peek could include a general release date, such as a month or two from now, before you make the official announcement.

Keep in mind that clients want to see a semi-finished project. You'll lose trust if you tease a product that never comes out. The surprise should also be substantial: they'll recognize a prototype, but sketches and diagrams mean nothing to them. You can share earlier drafts after you release the item to show followers how your company operates.

Funny Clips

Viral videos can circulate the Internet for weeks. Millions of people react and share the video with their friends, giving the company a massive return on investment. Viral videos don't automatically generate sales--most people will watch the video and leave without checking out your store. However, you'll get months' worth of exposure in days.

Going viral is a matter of chance, so you won't find a formula that guarantees popularity. Still, you can think about funny pranks, impressive stunts, "relatable" content, and once-in-a-lifetime events that other brands don't provide. Consider creating a challenge that encourages other people to do the same.


Generate excitement by announcing company news with a video. Videos are inherently exciting because it must be significant if you put this much thought into the announcement. Share the launch date with text and animations, or film yourself or multiple people discussing the event.

If you want extra anticipation, set a countdown timer without telling your followers what you will announce. Don't do this for minor events because you'll just let down your base. Instead, save the surprise for major announcements, such as a concert, store opening, or new product line.

Decide if you want to share a prerecorded video or make the announcement with a live stream. Prerecorded videos give you more control, but live streams make followers feel like they're witnessing a rare event. Plus, you can gauge interest with the number of viewers and reactions.

Unboxing Videos

Man unboxing some headphones

Unboxing videos involves taking items from the packaging and showing them to the viewer. This might sound boring, but unboxing videos rack up millions of views yearly. Viewers enjoy being surprised without having to buy anything and find the soft, repetitive movements soothing.

These videos are easy to make if you sell tangible goods. In fact, you don't even have to change the packaging. Simply film an employee slowly unwrapping the box and revealing the product inside. Viewers will associate your brand with warm, relaxing feelings because many people watch these clips to unwind before bed.

Ranked Lists

When you browse YouTube, you'll see multiple "Top Ten" videos on the front page. People discuss their favorite videos, movies, snacks, or events in short content bursts, saving the best for last. These countdowns build anticipation and teach viewers about a subject while catering to their short attention spans.

Promote your products with your "Top Five" or "Top Ten" videos. You can sneak in your items by ranking different brands or focusing entirely on your company. One example would be a video that ranks your top-selling eyeshadow kits. Include some variation of "Number one will shock you" so that viewers watch until the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse your social media comments to see which questions people ask more often. You can add a FAQ section to your website, but FAQ videos engage followers with bold, entertaining content. Popular questions you could answer include:

  1. How long does it take to make each item?
  2. Where do you source your materials from?
  3. Do you have customization options?
  4. How many products do you ship every week?
  5. Are you currently hiring?
  6. How do you celebrate accomplishments?

Film a video where you answer questions directly or incorporate questions into a behind-the-scenes clip. For example, if people frequently ask about your dyeing process, you can show followers firsthand.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)

Woman doing some ASMR with bubble wrap

ASMR videos produce relaxing, tingling sensations for certain people. Common triggers include whispers, rummaging through makeup, and crinkling paper. If you've never watched ASMR videos, browse through a few. You might be surprised to find triggers of your own.

Tangible products are essentially ready-made for ASMR videos. You can unwrap the packaging, pour items into a box, rummage through products, or show and describe each to the viewer. Use crisp audio so that your viewers hear every crinkle. If you make effective videos, people seek them out just for the ASMR sensations.

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