How to Create High-Quality Video on a Budget


Nicole Cruz

Jan 20, 2021


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There is no doubt--video marketing is on the rise, and it will get more popular in the years to come. This is why aside from long-form written and social media posts, companies are looking into video production to expand their digital marketing strategy. Videos are highly engaging, making them a top choice for content creators to explore their creativity while showcasing their products and services.

However, not all businesses can afford high-end video editing software or pieces of equipment to create promotional and informative videos. It isn’t even necessary to make such high-ticket purchases! It is possible to develop budget-friendly and high-quality videos, especially if you are a beginner. Below, you will find ways to create a high-quality video on a budget using several methods and equipment.

Notebook with an Action Plan

Tips To Create Video Content On A Budget

Set up a strategy‍

Before buying any equipment or trying out a video creation method, it is crucial to start with a plan. Having a video strategy will allow you to save money and avoid unnecessary expenses in this marketing area.

The top considerations for creating a video strategy includes:

  1. Kinds of videos: What type of video is the best fit for your brand? Are you going for live-action shoots, animated graphics, stock footage, or any other kind of audiovisual content?
  2. Length of videos: How long, on average, are your videos going to be? Some sources cite that having at least 10 minutes of footage on Youtube is ideal, and shorter ones are recommended on a social media platform such as Facebook. This also depends on what content you are presenting.
  3. The budget you can allot: How much are you willing to spend per video and the whole set-up in general?
  4. Video showcase: Where do you plan to publish your videos? Is it shown in TV ads, web ads, your website, or as a part of social media marketing?
  5. Purpose of videos: Do you plan to showcase your content and earn through advertising, or do you plan to get new customers through a video marketing strategy?

Having these questions answered in your strategy will allow you to set realistic expectations and create a satisfying plan that fits your needs.

Invest in the basics‍

If you were to strip everything down, the essential things you need in shooting videos are your camera, good lighting, and a competent audio capturing device. Here, we will break down each of these three core components and how you can get them for free or on a small budget.


  1. Free: If you have the latest smartphones that can shoot in 4k or at least in 1080 resolution, opt for these to shoot your videos. You can place them in a do-it-yourself stand, such as a pile of books or a phone holder.
  2. Small budget: TechRadar shows the latest cameras on a budget if you plan to take your video equipment to the next level.


  1. Free: The best way to have quality video content is by taking advantage of natural light. When the skies are clear, you can simply stand by a window or go outdoors, and you will notice that your shots will look more crisp and colorful.
  2. Small budget: If you do not have the schedule or means to always shoot in natural light, it can also be ideal to have an affordable light stand. Several online retailers can browse or look up blogs such as Trip Odyssey to see cheap light reviews stands to create videos.

Audio capturing device

  1. Free: To get the most of your smartphone audio capturing capabilities, you can shoot inside a smaller room to heighten the recordings’ quality.
  2. Small budget: There are also affordable standalone or plug-in microphones you can use if quality audio is a priority in your shooting strategy.

These three core elements are essential if you want to make great videos for free or on a meager budget. You can mix-and-match between these options to see what is right for your shooting needs.

Woman editing a video on her laptop

Editing on a budget‍

There are also affordable ways to edit your videos, and some of these options can even be free. You can begin with free editing tools such as iMovie, Lightworks, or Hitfilm Express, for starters. The free software has the core features such as splicing clips, zooming in and out of the canvas, speeding up the video, and text and audio overlay.

Otherwise, there are also paid editing software such as Premiere Elements (the basic version of Premiere Pro), which are affordable for a full license. You can explore other full license options in blog posts to see the features that you need.

Graphics and animated videos‍

If you prefer not to shoot your videos or have extra work post-production, there are still ways to create quality graphics or animated content. You can use free animation software to create promotional content, such as Animaker, OpenToonz, or Pencil2D. In these types of software, there is a learning curve that you do have to tackle. However, the great thing about creating these types of videos is less time spent on shooting or sourcing clips.

Tons of stock photos piled up - Pexels, videvo, pixabay and shutterstock logos

Budget-friendly stock footage‍

If animation is not a good fit for your brand and can’t shoot your videos, then stock footage is a great way to create quality video content. Pixabay, Pexels, and Videvo are examples of websites offering free stock footage in different resolutions. You can also get affordable prices on large video libraries from Shutterstock through a membership subscription or single purchases.

Video Creation Does Not Have To Be Costly‍

Making a high-quality video on a budget does not have to break the bank. Through these actionable tips, you can create quality audiovisual content that will captivate your audience.

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