How Social Improves Online Marketing

April 2, 2019
people on their social media apps
Business owners who are considering online marketing should integrate a strong social campaign into their marketing plan. Social media can enhance the benefit

Paid Search for Hotels

March 4, 2019
the marketing funnel
Breakfast included makes a big difference! From keywords to PPC campaigns, here’s how hotels can improve marketing ROI with paid search for hotels by amenities.

R.I.P. Google+

October 10, 2018
Google+ is dead
Google has finally decided to say goodbye to Google+. The time has come to say goodbye to Google+ once and for all. Find out what happened, here.

Reviews Your Hotel Must Monitor

October 26, 2017
Online Reviews your Hotel HAS to be Monitoring in 2017
What review sites should your hotel be monitoring in 2017? Make sure you are actively checking and responding on these key sites.

Avoiding Mistakes on Social Media

September 8, 2017
5 Tips for Avoiding Mistakes on Social Media
When it comes to social media, one thing that doesn’t change is that you should scrutinize what you post. These tips can help!

Creating Google My Business Posts

July 10, 2017
Creating Google My Business Posts
If you thought that Google was going to let the idea of a social media site disappear without a fight - think again! Find out more here.

Hashtags Every Hotelier Should Know

April 9, 2017
best travel hashtags for hotels
Everyone knows that if you want to increase your reach, you have to add hashtags. The key is knowing the right hashtags to use that will increase engagement.

Video Trends To Look Out For

December 28, 2016
man taking picture facing computer screen
Many content distribution platforms adopted video content in 2017 because of its interactive & informative nature. Why should it matter to your hotel?

How Long Should Social Posts Be

November 29, 2016
social media apps on a phone
When creating content for social media a prevalent question recurs: how long should posts be for hotels on social media? Find out here.

The Google 'Trips' App

September 21, 2016
planning a trip
This app is designed to take the stress out of planning your itinerary and providing travelers with easy access to information like things to do and see.

Reviews Importance for Business

August 22, 2016
tablet computer and computer keyboard
Everybody’s a critic, especially now that it is easier than ever for customers to voice opinions online. Why should you care about these reviews?

What Every Hotelier Should Analyze

February 26, 2016
google analytics dashboard
When you become familiar with these metrics, you will discover new marketing opportunities and be able to tailor your message to the right audience.

Google Ads Intro for Hoteliers

January 8, 2016
person taking notes on Google Ads
If you are not familiar with how this system works, I will provide a brief rundown on the concept. Most ad platforms run off of the same basic premise.

Responding to Reviews

June 17, 2015
responding to reviews on laptop
Aside from major review sites, hoteliers should be monitoring reviews left on their social channels. Here is some advice from Google on how to handle responses.

3 Ways to Recapture Share from OTAs

December 19, 2013
graph with stacks of coins
If you are tired of the big guy pushing you around, here are three ways hotels can recapture share from the OTAs. Get those direct bookings back!

Evolution of Google & Hotel Search

August 25, 2013
search engine results page heat map
Let’s review these major changes & discuss how hotels can utilize these features to maximize visibility, increase traffic & boost conversions.

Google’s Semantic Search

May 18, 2012
google semantic search
This update will eliminate the situation mentioned above by working with you to find the information you need with fewer clicks.

Why Project Glass Scares Me

April 6, 2012
I’m sure you’ve seen the Project Glass video by now. I put it off for a while, but eventually, I had to see what everyone on my Facebook feed was talking about.
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