Instagram Engagement Strategies

November 14, 2020
Hand holding a mobile phone with Instagram splash screen - Instagram Engagement Strategies
Businesses who want to improve their results on Instagram need a plan, and the best place to start is to implement these Instagram engagement strategies.
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Instagram Reels for Small Business

September 6, 2020
Instagram splash screen on a mobile phone
Small business guide on how to use Instagram Reels to promote and grow your business. In this article, you will learn how to leverage this powerful app.
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How Often to Post on Social Media

June 20, 2020
Woman holding a "Love" sign - How Often to Post on Social Media
A common question small business owners ask is how often they should post on their social channels. Well, the answer depends on the type of business you're in.
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Social Media in Times of Crisis

April 14, 2020
social media in times of crisis
Every business will deal with a crisis. Make sure your business has a strategy in place to deal with the various types of crises.
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Increase Social Media Engagement

February 11, 2020
How to increase social media engagement in five easy steps
Do you have a large number of followers, but very little engagement or interactions, such as likes, comments, and shares across your social networks?
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How to Grow Your Social Media Audience

December 24, 2019
how to build up your social media
Learn these set of skills step-by-step to build your social channels, grow your reputation and lay a foundation for your company's online presence.
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Hiding Likes on Instagram will Affect Businesses and Influencers

November 25, 2019
how hiding likes on instagram will affect businesses influencers
Instagram's decision to hide likes is expected to create some big changes for both businesses and influencers. Here's the effect it will have on groups.
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Turn Your Instagram into a Business Profile

November 8, 2019
women holding phone with instagram
You have all the tips and tools to make your business online stand out much more. You know how to switch your account to a professional profile.
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Find & Use User Generated Content

August 19, 2019
how to find user generated content
No matter how you slice it, people love social media. They love keeping up with people in their lives and staying up-to-date with the latest information.
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Instagram Summer Post Ideas - Hotels

July 9, 2019
instagram post ideas for hotels
Photos are the ultimate way to sell your hotel to travelers. Many people are visual and love being able to see their destination instead of just picturing it in
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How To Use Instagram for Your Hotel

July 4, 2019
beautiful hotel in sunset
Instagram is a social networking service that engages it's users with photos and videos. On an average day, about 80 million photos and videos are shared on Instagra
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Adding Links To Your Instagram

June 24, 2019
instagram camera logo
The majority of social media channels allow businesses to include links in various areas of their sites, including the bio, stories, and most importantly.
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Using Hootsuite's New Composer

June 10, 2019
Hootsuite's New Composer
Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media scheduling tools in 2019. Familiarize yourself with Hootsuite's new composer.
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Tips for Incredible Photos Pt. 2

May 7, 2019
The Best Tips for Incredible Photos Part 2
We're here for tips on how you can invest just a little and make your photos impeccable. Check out this second part on how to get incredible photos.
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Mother's Day Hashtags for Instagram

May 1, 2019
Mother's Day Hashtags
If you're creating posts for social media, the top Mother's Day hashtags will help your posts gain reach and be seen by a broader audience.
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How Social Media Can Improve Online Marketing

April 2, 2019
people on their social media apps
Business owners who are considering online marketing should integrate a strong social media campaign into their marketing plan. Social media can enhance the benefit
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Promote Business For the Holidays

November 8, 2018
Promoting your business
Today, promoting your business on social media is all about ads. While this is 100% true, there are still some ways you can promote your business organically.
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Three Ways Hotels Can Take Advantage of IGTV

October 29, 2018
man using phone in city district
If you haven’t already heard, Instagram recently launched a new application called IGTV. This has changed the way users can market and advertise their brand.
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Three Tips To Make Your Hotel More Personable

October 4, 2018
a man and woman working on a laptop for project
What sets you apart from your competitor? You need to put a face behind your hotel. Show that you and your team are personable!
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You Can Request Instagram Verification Now

September 17, 2018
how to request instagram verification
Take these steps to request an Instagram Verification Badge! You can request a verified badge directly from your account and Instagram will review the request.
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Make Your Hotel's Instagram Stand Out

August 31, 2018
woman on her cell phone
Today's highly targeted generation appreciates genuine content, fun culture, information relevant to them, and an emotional connection with a brand.
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Tips To Market Your Boutique Hotel

July 23, 2018
living room with trinkets and nice furniture
With social media being a necessity in mainstream and pop culture, marketing yourself is in the palm of your hands. Find out more here.
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A New Wave of Video is Here - IG TV

July 2, 2018
The New Wave of Video is Here - IG TV
IG TV is Instagram's newest feature announced on June 20th and its making waves. Let’s take a look at what it is exactly and explore its possible advantages.
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How Can Hotels Scope Out Fake Influencers

June 28, 2018
should my hotel work with an influencer
If you're running a hotel or work in one, there's no doubt that you've received a ton of emails and calls from "influencers," asking for a free stay.
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Beat Instagram’s Algorithm Changes for Success

April 16, 2018
Working Around Instagram’s Algorithm Changes
Back in the days on Instagram, the newsfeed was in chronological order. As long as you posted at the right time, your followers would be able to see your posts.
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Common Instagram Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

April 12, 2018
instagram logo
Posting photos on a social media app such as Instagram sounds relatively easy, however there are some mistakes that hoteliers make that should be avoided.
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Create an Aesthetically Appealing Instagram

February 16, 2018
aestheticallyCreating an Aesthetically Appealing Instagram in 2018
Anyone can pick up a camera, take a photo, and post it on Instagram but to truly provide value and build a loyal following is something else entirely.
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Instagram Just Got Easier For Businesses Thanks to This

February 5, 2018
instagram scheduling 2018
Creating engaging content, taking eye-catching photography, and getting your posts just right is not an easy task. See how this change will make your life easier.
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Five Video Tips for Enhancing User Experience

January 18, 2018
5 Video Tips for Enhancing User Experience
Let's explore just a few topics which will increase the satisfaction of your viewers and pique their interest enough for them to continue watching your content.
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Building Guest Relationships For Hotels With Social Media

January 4, 2018
hotel positioning
In the hotel business, social media plays a vital role in building relationships with past and potential guests. This is why it is crucial to build relationships.
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Importance of Monitoring Social Media Comments

December 22, 2017
social media strategy for hotels
As part of any social media strategy for hotels, there should be time set aside to review your performance. See how to keep an eye on your comments.
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Ten Instagram Mistakes Hurting your Brand

October 19, 2017
common mistakes on instagram
If you’re considering hotel strategies to attract customers, social media should be on your radar. Just make sure you are not doing these 10 things!
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Five Tips for Avoiding Mistakes on Social Media

September 8, 2017
5 Tips for Avoiding Mistakes on Social Media
When it comes to social media, one thing that doesn’t change is that you should scrutinize what you post. These tips can help!
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Micro Influencers - Social Media Brand Ambassadors

August 24, 2017
Micro Influencers - Social Media Brand Ambassadors
A social media influencers is someone that can become the key evangelist to helping you grow brand awareness that leads to conversions.
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5 Instagram Features for Hotel Marketing

August 14, 2017
5 Useful Instagram Features
Let’s explore the five top Instagram features that will help boost your hotel’s marketing strategy! Check out how it can help you get more business.
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7 Reasons Why Hotels Should be Using Social Media

July 7, 2017
person pinching to zoom on ipad
There are enormous benefits of using a social media strategy for hotels. Here are seven reasons why your hotel should use social media!
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10 Tips for Creating Engaging Posts

June 15, 2017
Tips for Creating Engaging Posts
Here are some tips for gaining your audience’s attention on popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
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Is Your Hotel Live? Can It Benefit From This New Feature?

June 1, 2017
going live with social media
Several social media platforms, in particular Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have rolled out a “live” feature. Learn to use it for your hotel!
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Using GIF Animations for Business Pages

May 22, 2017
using gifs on social media
You’ve probably seen them all over the internet but do you know how you can use GIFs for social media on your business accounts?
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10 Reasons Why Hoteliers Should Use Instagram

May 2, 2017
instagram hotels
Here are the top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t go another day without curating an Instagram page for your hotel. Read more to find out why.
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Hashtags Every Hotelier Should Know

April 9, 2017
best travel hashtags for hotels
Everyone knows that if you want to increase your reach, you have to add hashtags. The key is knowing the right hashtags to use that will increase engagement.
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Attracting Hotel Customers through Social Media

March 24, 2017
Social Media
Although our approach to every avenue is distinct, I'm going to be highlighting a key point to implement for a successful social media strategy for hotels.
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Adding Multiple Photos and Videos to Instagram

February 27, 2017
people taking a picture
Instagram has been adding some new changes in the past year, which is likely due to their increasing need to compete with Snapchat.
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Increase Engagement on your Hotel’s Social Media

December 29, 2016
Growing your engagement is a sign that your audience enjoys your content and may eventually purchase your product or service.
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Video Trends that Hoteliers Should Look Out For

December 28, 2016
man taking picture facing computer screen
Many content distribution platforms adopted video content in 2017 because of its interactive & informative nature. Why should it matter to your hotel?
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Take Hotel’s Insta to the Next Level

December 16, 2016
woman tapping on phone screen
Ready to get more out of your hotel’s Instagram page? Then it’s time for you to upgrade to a business profile. Find out how here.
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How Long Should Social Media Posts be on Various Channels

November 29, 2016
social media apps on a phone
When creating content for social media a prevalent question recurs: how long should posts be for hotels on social media? Find out here.
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Which Has the Most Impact on Your Hotel’s ROI?

September 8, 2016
social media apps on phone
By learning the benefits each channel has for your overall marketing strategy, the better leverage you will have in promoting your hotel’s story.
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3 Effective Strategies to Create Engagement

August 9, 2016
social media
Follow these three effective strategies to create engagement among your audience and to foster a relationship between you and the guest.
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Everything you Need to Know About Instagram

August 8, 2016
close-up of puppy
Here is everything you need to know about Instagram Stories and how to get started. Find out if it is right for your business and what you should be doing.
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The Key to Responding to Backlash on Social Media

June 20, 2016
person typing a response on a laptop
No matter how amazing your hotel may be, it will not be immune to receiving backlash online at some point. Find out how to address these issues.
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A Guide to Writing Your Hotel’s Instagram Caption

June 19, 2016
frustrated social user
Getting the right photo is vital, and you’re about 89% there. But to ensure that your post gets the most views, your hotel’s Instagram caption needs to be #OnPoint.
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Best Insta-Giveaway for Your Hotel

June 1, 2016
instagram artsy logo
After analyzing your hotel’s Instagram, you decide it needs more engagement. You’ve done some research, and you think it might be useful to host a giveaway.
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Attract Users by Improving your Instagram Photos

May 23, 2016
hollywood hotel pool area
When you login, you see the picture only got ten likes and no comments! Why you ask yourself, is no one engaging with my hotel on Instagram? Find out why.
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Social is Vital for Hotels | Part 2

April 25, 2016
social media apps
Social media isn’t a single strategy to gain more bookings. It is used as part of a larger system that makes up your digital marketing strategy.
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Why Social Media is Important for Hotels | Part 1

April 11, 2016
social media apps
Are you wondering if social media is worth it for your hotel? Many hoteliers have asked themselves this very question and aren’t sure where to find the answer.
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Key Social Media Metrics to Analyze

January 15, 2016
google analytics graph
Here are 3 of the most important social media metrics that hoteliers need to analyze to determine the effectiveness of your social initiatives.
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Tips on Using Instagram Ads for Hotels

October 20, 2015
instagram logo
The amount of users using Instagram on a daily basis continues to increase, which can potentially make advertising on Instagram crucial for your hotel.
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Optimizing Social Posts Using SSO

August 19, 2015
thumbs up thumbs down on computer keyboard keys
A successful hotel marketing strategy requires Social Search Optimization (SSO), which incorporates a powerful synergy between SEO and social media.
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Start Using Instagram for your Hotel

August 17, 2015
instagram picture of hotel room
Instagram is a social channel that allows users to express their creativity with the flexibility to edit and filter images. Why should hotels use Instagram?
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Creating A Social Media Strategy For A Hotel

July 23, 2015
social media icons on keyboard
More hoteliers are getting on board & taking advantage of all that social has to offer, it's crucial to have a solid strategy in place to receive the benefits.
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5 Ways Hotels Can Encourage User Generated Content

June 1, 2015
encourage user generated content
User-Generated Content (UGC) can be a powerful tool for hotels. User-Generated Content includes any content a guest may create about your hotel,
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It’s Time to Create a Social-Customer-Care Team

May 8, 2015
social media cubes
Starting as a platform for marketing, it is slowly turning into a platform geared towards customer service as interaction with customers increases across
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Importance of your Social Media Presence

April 15, 2015
social media logos on computer keys
There are several reasons why a social media presence is essential, and here are some ways hoteliers can utilize it to their advantage.
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Do You Understand The Power of Hashtags?

April 2, 2015
hastag symbol
Although hashtags are standard for social media users, hoteliers should be catching onto this trend if they have not already.
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Interacting with Guests on Social Media Channels

November 28, 2014
social media icons on smartphone
Is your hotel engaging users on all social media sites where you are actively posting? While it’s great to have an active presence by posting often
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Instagram Tips To Use In The Retail Industry

December 3, 2012
woman using Instagram
The following are 7 actionable tips that you can use to step up your Instagram game. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas on what to post.
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Now Companies Want Access to Your Social Networks

March 21, 2012
a person searching for someone else's information
HR coordinators and interviewers are not only looking for mentions of your name on the web in general, but they are also specifically seeking you out on social media
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