How Social Media Can Improve Online Marketing

April 2, 2019
people on their social media apps
Business owners who are considering online marketing should integrate a strong social media campaign into their marketing plan. Social media can enhance the benefits of a solid online marketing plan and help build brand awareness.
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12 Social Media Best Practices

January 1, 2019
social media best practices 2019
Social media is still going strong for businesses and you’ll want to continue that streak into the new year. Here are some social media best practices to keep in mind for 2019.
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Snapchat AR Feature - World Lenses

May 8, 2017
snapchat world lenses
If you’re an active Snapchat user, you may have noticed a new type of filter pop up onto your screen.
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Video Trends that Hoteliers Should Look Out For

December 28, 2016
man taking picture facing computer screen
Many content distribution platforms adopted video content in 2017 because of its interactive & informative nature. Why should it matter to your hotel?
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How to Use Snapchat for Hotel Marketing

November 21, 2016
snapchat logo on phone
More & more audiences are turning to faster forms of communication. Facebook remains the top social platform but you shouldn't discount Snapchat.
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Our EMA Team Tried Out the New Snapchat Lenses!

September 16, 2015
snapchat logo
For its latest update, Snapchat released some new features that currently have everyone talking. The most notable help you up your selfie game!
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Optimizing Social Media Posts Using SSO

August 19, 2015
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A successful hotel marketing strategy requires Social Search Optimization (SSO), which incorporates a powerful synergy between SEO and social media.
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