The Benefits of Investing In Social Media


Tina Cheong

Apr 30, 2015


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When it comes to marketing for hotels, hoteliers must decide on what they want to invest their time and money to produce the best results. Social media is among one of the many options for the hotelier to choose from. According to, social media represents 28% of what consumers enjoy doing when they are online. Social media allows consumers to connect and interact with other consumers across multiple platforms. That fact alone shows that consumers are spending over a quarter of their time spent online solely on social media. With that being said, here are some benefits of investing in social media.

Gain Awareness With a Specific Target Market

This one is probably one of the most obvious benefits of social media. If consumers are spending a quarter of their time online on social media, using social media is perhaps the best method to gain proper awareness among the target market. Depending on the target market of that specific hotel, the hotelier can decide on which platform they would like to invest more time on because specific social media platforms appeal more to a particular market. For example, Business Insider has revealed that Facebook is still one of the most used social media channels, while LinkedIn is preferred over Twitter for adults. Such simple facts from demographics will mostly help the hotelier pick out which social media platforms would be most beneficial to use.

Increase in Revenue

Most social media platforms offer the ability for hoteliers to pay to promote individual posts to reach a wider audience. They also allow hoteliers to target more relevant consumers and reach out to all of their followers and potential guests. Although paying isn’t wholly mandatory, it is highly suggested that hoteliers do pay to promote a post from time to time because paid posts will reach out to more consumers and also cause more interaction and engagement on social media. A promoted post usually generates impressive results in comparison to organic posts. Again certain social media platforms cater to more specific audiences, so investing in this would help increase revenue.

Customer Service

Customer service is essential to any business, and it is no different in the hospitality industry. Although all companies have various methods to reach out to their customers, social media has become a preferred form for many. Considering how consumers spend a lengthy amount of time on social media, it would be a bright idea for hoteliers to respond to their consumers who reach out through social media. Consumers would be more likely to ask for assistance through social media if they could, instead of wasting their time calling or checking their e-mail for a response.

These are just a few that are listed that show how social media can be beneficial. There is more to the list than just the ones listed above, so hoteliers should look into the benefits of social media and start investing in it because the pros will outweigh any cons that social media might have.

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