Why Hotels Should Start Writing Blogs


Edward Marquez

Feb 24, 2016


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If you want to give yourself any chance of getting bookings through your hotel website, you need highly relevant traffic first. With your hotel website, your content is usually static, and there are generally not frequent updates either. Blogs are the perfect solution to this problem.

Blogs are traffic magnets. Blogging is a brilliant way to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rank. If you do this, you can get more direct bookings online. Google loves blogs and indexes blog posts much quicker than other pages. You can generate highly relevant traffic by focusing on relevant keywords in your blog posts and route that traffic to your company website to drive your sales. Not utilizing blogs to your website’s advantage may lead to the death of your site.

It is a known fact that search engines put a high value on dynamic and fresh content. They are looking for websites that are continually adding new information relevant to their field or related to their theme. This should be reasonably easy for a hotel. Tourism and travel is an incredibly dynamic industry, especially when looking at what is happening in your destination and property itself.

If you are having trouble or have no idea how to start off writing a blog, there are many tools out there at your disposal, and most are free! Websites such as WordPress or Blogger can give you a solid start and can help you form ideas from other blogs.

Once you have the trust of your readers and loyal visitors through consistent value addition on your blog, it becomes much easier to convert them into paying customers. This is why some of the largest organizations are using their blogs as their primary lead generation source.

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