Understanding Why Social Media Insights are Important


Tina Cheong

Oct 26, 2015


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Social Media

As hoteliers, chances are your social media channels are always mentioning local events, area guides, and any articles that your guests may find useful. You are probably even self-promoting your property every so often. You can provide so much interesting content, but how do you know what content is working out for you? Luckily a lot of social media channels have provided analytics, which can help you look at which content is the most successful. In addition to that, taking a look at analytics will let you know what your audience is interested in, so that you may use all this information when looking for future content for your social media channels. This can potentially turn them into future guests for your hotel properties.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics will show you everything in a 28-day summary, sorting it month by month. It will also show you how some of your statistics have changed in comparison to the previous month.

On top of that, it will also show you interesting facts, such as your top tweet and your top media tweet. By scrolling down, you can see all of the previous month’s information too. By analyzing this data, you can have an idea of the type of content that your audience is engaging with the most.

In this example, the hotel is located in Anaheim, CA, and a lot of their top tweets are related to events happening around the area and any other articles related to the area that guests might find helpful. This means that the audience is generally more interested in informational content and content related to local events, so this would give an idea of what type of content is better to tweet.

On top of finding what content is engaging, you can also go even more in-depth by seeing which days earn you the most impressions. This gives you an idea of what days your audience is more active on Twitter, so you can tweet more on those days and reach a wider audience.

Facebook Insights

For Facebook, you can access analytics by clicking ‘Insights’ at the top of your profile. On the first page, you will find general statistics letting you know how much it has changed in comparison to the previous week.

When you click on posts, it gives you a general overview of information regarding all of your Facebook posts. It includes information such as reach and engagement, which might be useful in figuring out what type of content is most successful on your channel.

Facebook Insights has just about everything you might need to get a better understanding of your audience. You have a lot of data regarding the reach of the type of people that view your Facebook page.

Keeping track of likes can show you how well your Facebook is doing in general. A significant increase in the number of likes probably means that your content is engaging and attracting more people. If you are getting more unlikes than likes, then it’s time to reevaluate your marketing strategy so that you can stop that.

You can also see how many people your posts have reached daily. That means that you can see if the content posted on specific days was something a lot of the audience found interest in. They also provide you with data on the number of times your page was viewed every day.

Noticing something and having data to back it up shows how vital analytics is for social media. Everything can be evaluated much easier when all of the information you need regarding your social media content is all put together in analytics. Analytics helps you with several aspects; It enables you to understand your audience better, and you can provide more relevant content that will engage your audience. However, just because a particular type of content is successful does not mean you should only post that type of content. Again, don’t be afraid to experiment with new material because the same kind of content can get dull after a while. All this new data can help you find a new target you might want to market to, allowing you to gain more guests for your hotel than before.

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