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Arielle Reyes

Aug 5, 2019


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After seven years, Twitter has a brand new look for summer 2019. The social site has launched an all-new design that makes the home screen tweets the center of attention - literally! Users have been noticing small changes starting at the beginning of 2019, and after some testing, the company has finally rolled out the finished product.

Twitter launched an all new design

The new-look is very similar to a mobile screen, which most users are leaning towards when it comes to social media and visiting other sites in general. The news feed tweets can be found front and center, with both the navigation and trending topics on either side. It’s believed that Twitter implemented these changes to give the site a cleaner look and to make it easier for almost anyone to use without much hassle. This is something that has become increasingly important as social websites are continually fighting to both keep and attain users.

Here is a list of the significant changes:

-The Navigation is now on the left-hand side, not on the top of the screen. When clicking ‘More’ at the very bottom, you’ll find additional options such as Moments, Promote Mode, Analytics, Settings, and the Logout button.

how the navigation looks on new Twitter layout
new Twitter menu when you click 'more'

-The search bar and trending topics can be found on the right-hand side. The ‘Trends for You’ section will also showcase some popular tweets with images.

new 'trends for you' section on Twitter

When you click on a trending topic, you can use the search filters to the right to control what content you see.

using search filters on the new Twitter

-The Messages section also has a new look, which is great for users who spend plenty of time in their inbox. The section has been expanded to allow users to see messages and other conversations all at the same time. Twitter’s goal was to make it easier for users to send messages without having to switch screens.

new look for 'messages' section on Twitter

-Many people use multiple Twitter accounts, whether it’s for business versus personal use or because they work at an agency, etc. Twitter has now made it easier to toggle between accounts, something that is sure to be well received. To setup, this feature, click ‘More’ on the Navigation screen and click on the + sign. On the next screen, you can add another account or log out of all accounts.

switching between Twitter accounts

adding another Twitter account in new version of Twitter

One change that was not included in the update, though users have begged for it since the inception of Twitter, is the long-requested Edit Button. Let’s see if Twitter finally decides to give in to its users when the next update rolls around.

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