Turning your Instagram into a Business Profile


José Gómez

Nov 8, 2019


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Making money online is in the palm of your hands these days. That’s right! Your cell phone or mobile device is the gateway to earning some extra income. Most businesses these days should have some online presence. Take the time to read up on how you can use Instagram and take advantage of building your online presence.

Build an Instagram Business Profile

Instagram is a fantastic tool you can use to help grow your business’ online presence. It uses visually pleasing images and videos to capture the audience’s attention and deliver impactful content.

There are personal profiles and business profiles. The business profile gives your business the additional features it needs to help you achieve success in your online presence. These features include Instagram Ads and Instagram Insights. With insights, you can see essential data on the demographics and actions that users take on your profile.

Convert to a Business Profile

Navigate to your Instagram Profile. Go to Settings, choose Account, then pick “Switch to Professional Account.”

You will have the option to choose between Creator and Business.

After choosing Business, connect your profile to Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook page, you can select “Don’t Connect to Facebook Now.”

Choose a category that best fits your business and review your contact info.

Do you want to be contacted by email, text, or call?

From here, your profile will be searched differently. When people search for your category, you might pop up, but that will depend on if you’re an active Instagram user or not. Being active and consistent is key to building an online presence.

Personalize and Brand your Profile

Once you have successfully switched over to a business profile, it’s time to personalize your business by creating your brand

The first three things that your audience will identify you by will be the following: Logo, username, bio.

• Make sure your logo represents your business and easily identifiable

• Your bio should state what your business can do for your audience. Be transparent and straightforward.

• Your username should be easy and straightforward. The simpler your username is, the more memorable your business will be, and the more easily it will be to search for your users.

There You Have It!

You have all the tips and tools to make your business online stand out much more. You know how to switch your account to a professional profile. If you’re not familiar with Instagram, you might want to check out how to start using Instagram for your hotel.

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