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Christine Lee

Jul 14, 2021


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If you want your social graphics to be seen, then you need a high-quality designer, right? Wrong! You can use incredible social media graphic design tools to create beautiful campaigns and posts that capture audience attention.

Posts with images receive more than double engagement and 150% more retweets when included in a post. That’s why you have to find the best tools to create social images.

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Many social graphic tools have come online in the past five years to fill this need, but not all offer the same tools and perks for the price. Here are some of the top picks that we recommend to get top-notch designs, creative ideas, and spectacular social assets for any network.

Top Social Media Graphic Design Tools‍

Many social graphic tools are free or at least have a free trial to get started. While some have premium features, you can generally use most of these apps for no additional cost to create magnificent social assets.

Whether you’re looking for creative typography, Instagram social graphics, or even video tools, we’ve collected the best tools below.


By far, one of the most used tools for social graphics is Canva. It’s on everyone’s top 10 list for social creation and graphics because of its high-quality templates, editing tools, and easy-to-use templates. There are thousands of templates and visual assets to help you get started.

The drag-and-drop editor is easy to use for all graphic editing experience levels, and you create professional-quality assets for all social networks in a matter of minutes. There are preset sizes for many platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, or create your own. It's one of the tools we recommend for our step-by-step Facebook Ads beginners guide.

It’s free to start, but the premium package allows you to save more designs and access more templates while also collaborating with your social media and creative teams. If you haven’t looked at Canva before and need to get social graphics quickly, this would be the best place to start.



If you want to add charts and infographics to your content, PiktoChart is the best platform for creating shareable media that offers facts, figures, and statistics. PiktoChart provides various templates, or you can use the editor to create your graphics.

The free version will get you started, but there’s also a premium version with higher-quality templates and more features. If you want to create data-centric graphics every month, this tool is worth the upgrade and will enhance your blog and articles immensely.


How about Insta stories? You may have seen some influencers and brands with great formatting on their Instagram Stories. It probably comes from Over, which lets you create beautiful social graphics right on your mobile phone. This app is only available on iPhone, but it’s incredible for editing images, adding backgrounds, and stitching other graphics to create the perfect shareable content.

Over is free to get started, but you may want to subscribe to the premium version if you’re looking for more advanced features.


Photoshop is probably the king of all graphic editing software, but you don’t need Photoshop when you have Pixlr. This is a free mini-Photoshop that you can use right in your browser to edit graphics, layer up your photos, and add all kinds of effects.

It’s slightly better than many other online image editors, but it can’t do some more advanced overlays. Still, it’s the perfect free image editing tool if you don’t want to use Sketch or Adobe Creative Suite.



Desygner has become another top social post creation tool that is easy-to-use and produces high-quality images. If you’re not familiar with graphic design or don’t have access to a designer, you can use this app to create all kinds of social media graphics, as well as flyers and presentations.

In addition, Desygner offers both a desktop and mobile app to help you create social media graphics on the fly.


This free tool lets you find all kinds of stock images, vectors, social templates, presentations, infographics, icons, and much more, and it’s all for free. You’ll likely need an editing program like Photoshop or Pixlr to edit some of the graphics, but it’s a great tool to find free vectors, PSDs, and stock photos.

With the search feature, you can use keywords to find the perfect image or even use the tool for inspiration. It’s ideal for email templates, brochures, social post templates, infographics, and other marketing materials.

iStock Editor

It can be challenging to find the right image for the perfect social campaign. However, there are several premium assets to choose from on iStick, and then with the iStock Editor, you can create social images quickly just by using different templates and filters.

It also comes with pre-set crop dimensions for each social platform, and you can test all of your images to see how they’ll look before you even post them. The editor also lets you add text and a variety of effects without ever having to use Photoshop.



Stylish text, brilliant colors, and a spectacular image are typically all that’s needed to get noticed on social media these days. When you have Snappa, it’s incredibly easier to create shareable, top-notch images in minutes.

Snapp provides a ton of templates, as well as pre-set social image sizes and backgrounds. You can choose from their royalty-free image collection, then add on effects in the editor. There’s plenty of ways to adjust color and add trendy text with drop-shadow effects or something else that you think your audience will love.

There are some limitations with the free version, so you may want to upgrade to get more images per month.

Word Swag

With Word Swag, you can simply use the mobile app to create beautiful social media graphics on the go. Word Swag is all about typography and creating graphics to capture quotes and great taglines that will catch your audience’s eye.

There are thousands of free stock images on the app, but you can also upload your own. You can add text or choose a preset typography style from the Word Swag library. However, the app isn’t exactly free. This one will cost you $4.99 on iOS and $3.99 on Android.


Finally, if you’re looking to make impactful videos on the fly for social media posts, try Animoto. You can quickly create and edit videos using Animoto’s templates or your videos with a free version. You can adjust the video, sound, and text to produce professional-quality videos for any platform.

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