The Quick Beginners Guide to Creating Your 1st Facebook Ad


Arielle Reyes

Jun 11, 2018


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If you want to reach your audience on Facebook, you're going to need to run ads. Here is the most straightforward and most basic guide to creating your first Facebook Ad.

  1. Log into your Facebook Account
  2. Head over to Ads Manager. This is where the magic happens.
  3. Click the green "Create" button to create a new Campaign. Within the Campaign, you can create Ad Sets and Ads within each set. You can always go back and change or edit these later.
Account overview in Facebook Ads

4. Select the 'Guided Creation.' This allows you to choose each of the variables for your Campaign, including Target Audience, Budget, Interests, and more.

creating Facebook Ads with Guided Creation

5. Decide the best objective for your campaign. Are you looking for brand awareness to get your name out there or traffic to a website or landing page? Keep in mind there isn't a 'right' selection to choose from. It depends on your strategy, what you want to measure, and your preferences. Usually, more than one type of objective can be relevant, so don't be afraid to test different goals out to see which produces the results you're looking for.

6. Name your Campaign and click Continue. The Campaign name will automatically be titled with the Objective that you choose.

Naming your Facebook Campaign

7. Choose your audience. You can use location, demographics, interests, and behaviors to shape this audience, or you can choose from a previously created audience. By using the Facebook Pixel, you can create audiences based on your customer list, people who have visited your website, people who engage with your Facebook page, as well as 'Lookalike Audiences' that are automatically generated.

8. Under Connections, you can choose if you want certain people who have a connection to your page to see your ads. For example, people who like your page, friends of people who like your page, or you can choose to exclude people who like your page from seeing these ads.

9. Decide if you want to have a set daily budget or a total budget. You can also set the start and end dates for the Campaign

setting a budget for your Facebook ads

10. If you click Advanced Options, you can edit how you want to be charged (by impressions or per click), etc. You will need to spend at least $10 in the ad account before you can choose Link Clicks. Click Continue.

delivery options in Facebook Ads

11. On the next page, you'll choose how you want your ad to look. Upload the photo(s), add the copy, links, etc. Once you click Confirm, your ad will be sent over for review, and once it's approved, your ad will begin running.

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