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pinterest for business
Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger
March 5, 2013

The following is a guest blog post from Patricia Robbins, who writes about getting the most out of marketing with Pinterest.

It is essential to a business’s success to have an online presence outside of just your company website. Marketing campaigns are much bigger than just TV and newspaper ads. Facebook and Twitter are a necessity for your online presence and general online reputation of your company. There are an ever increasing number of sites and products to manage your online reputation, and their applications are almost endless.

Online Presence

There are lots of companies out there, like that handle the majority of the work. They will alert you when there are negative reviews, keep track of the kind of search results your get, among other useful benefits. Though sites can help tailor your brand identity, the real benefits of a good online reputation and presence can only be reaped when time and effort is put into creating a genuine online identity. Although worrying about brand identity and the personality of your company may seem like minor concerns, with more users interacting with companies exclusively online, the unique personality of your brand and the type of consumers it attracts has never been more important.

Pin It!

Although marketing campaigns on Facebook and Twitter are common, Pinterest launched a new option for companies to create business Pinterest pages. Pinterest is the newest in a long line of emerging social media giants. Although it is smaller than Facebook or Twitter, it offers different advantages to businesses. Pinterest is a visual pin-board site that allows users to post original images to their boards or repin things posted by people they follow. The new business side Pinterest introduced allows companies to show a different side of themselves than is normally possible on more traditional social media. Sites like Pinterest allow companies to more specifically target a niche market, increasing both sales and brand awareness.

Get Creative With Pins

One of the benefits of using Pinterest as a company is that it allows you to showcase aspects of your brand that would be difficult to demonstrate with other tools, like the topics that you and your company find important. Things like sustainability make excellent themes for potential boards. Focusing on a tailored, selective range of images will attract consumers who are interested in buying from companies who favor sustainability.

Creating tasteful content will also attract the attention of big users with a lot of followers who are looking for new and beautiful content, according to If you can get some of your images or your company’s products repinned onto boards with thousands of followers, the benefits are obvious.

Up Close and Personal

But it’s about more than just products. Pinterest offers companies to connect with consumers on a personal level. Your business’ online presence through boards is about what inspires your company, what topics you care about and seasonally relevant topics are great uses of Pinterest. This humanizes your brand and encourages consumers to repin your images, hopefully spreading your message, and your name to more and more users, states

Patricia Robbins is a project manager and financial advisor for small businesses who loves sharing her knowledge with readers online.

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