The Secret to Improving Reviews & Boosting ROI


Alexandra Ramirez

Apr 16, 2013


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Carla Caccavale, a brand strategist at TrustYou, a company that provides solutions for businesses to analyze reviews, tweets, and posts across the social web, once explained that guest satisfaction could be achieved through a "secret sauce." The secret to exceptional service shouldn't be hard to understand or implement. It is something we are all expected to have, common sense. After all, it's not rocket science! Unfortunately, common sense is not so common. Naturally, the lack of common sense in service will significantly affect the success of any professional in the hospitality industry.

Guest satisfaction should be a focus of hospitality professionals as it will result in loyalty, positive results, and increased ROI.  Attractive amenities, impressive suites, and delicious food attract guests. The hotel will not gain guest trust or loyalty if it does not deliver on the service end. Why is it essential to gain the confidence of guests? According to TrustScore, a hotel's ADR can increase between 4.6% and 10.5% by increasing their review score by only 1%, a score that is a clear result of excellent service.

Applying common sense to service includes treating guests with care and adding a personal touch where you can. Hoteliers need to send their guests a clear message: "I understand what you need and that matters to me." It is that simple. As a hotelier, it is your job to know what guests value and expect from a hotel stay. Today, it is easier than ever before to learn what your guests want. Two words: social media! Use social media to your advantage! People love to share their likes and stories; all you need to do is ask! Kimpton Hotels & Resorts asked guests to share their favorite Kimpton memories. This post generated tons of memories, and fans were able to read about the positive experiences of others. This small request of the hotel brand led to large rewards: a better understanding of what their guests' value and a relationship with their fans that is priceless. In the long run, this will pay off, as building relationships with your guests typically does!

Use your common sense when providing service to your guests and enjoy the boost in your ROI.

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