The Power of the Hotel Concierge App


Nigel Rodgers

Jul 20, 2015


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We are currently living in a time where the smartphone is one of the most important and technologically advanced consumer products in the hands of the public. The possibilities of what a smartphone can do are indisputable. The smartphone is also essential when it comes to travel. In an era where people want faster check-ins and less human interaction, hotels have begun working with the idea of concierge apps for their guests. According to a study by Tech Impact Report, 60% of travelers stated that they want to be able to check-in, order room service, and receive their room keys on their smartphones to save time. Some major hotel chains have already begun implementing a mobile concierge service for their guests. Smaller hotels can also take advantage of this technology to give themselves a competitive edge. In the same Tech Impact Report data, 39% of travelers said they are more likely to book a room in a hotel with mobile check-in. A mobile concierge app can be a useful tool to attract more guests to your hotel.

The fear that some hoteliers may have is that losing human contact will negatively affect the personable nature of a hotel.

In contrast, a mobile concierge allows hotels to connect with guests at a more personal level because they are communicating directly with the guests on their devices. Guests can relax and unwind faster if they can check in from their phones upon arrival without waiting in line. With a tap of the screen, guests can view food and drink menus, order room service, and pay in minutes. Guests can also look at local restaurants, events, and attractions in the surrounding area of your hotel, all from the comfort of their rooms. Some hotels even have the technology to send room keys to guests’ phones. This prevents the hassle of getting a replacement key when physical keys get lost. A mobile concierge app can also be a robust customer service tool. Hoteliers can send guests surveys, promotions, and request reviews and ratings of the guests’ stay directly to their phones. A mobile concierge app will allow guests to have a smooth, relaxing stay at your hotel.

Some hotels have the technological power and resources to create their own branded app. Others may want to outsource the work and look into a third-party vendor. There are plenty of third-party services like Alice that can integrate your brand image and design into their technology and seamlessly host your concierge app.

Keep your hotel up to date on current hospitality trends and benefit from the advantages of a mobile concierge app.

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