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Christine Lee

Jun 28, 2021


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Social media content creation tools are a must-have for any business, big or small, but it’s beneficial for small teams who want more considerable marketing power at the snap of your fingers.

There are a variety of social management and scheduling tools. Still, we specifically wanted to share the tools that help the most with social content creation and find new content, topic ideation, planning, and scheduling. Here are the five best that we’ve used to elevate our client’s social media content.

What are the Best Content Creation Tools for Social Media


Tailwind App

Tailwind is one of the best apps for topic ideation, planning content, and bulk scheduling content across multiple channels. However, the tool goes beyond that and works best for Instagram and Pinterest content. You’ll be able to plan out all of your content, see the top posts by other creators, and find other content to share, while also scheduling out your posts.

The true power of Tailwind is in its analytics and scheduling power. You’ll see all kinds of analytics on the top posts related to your keywords, while also getting an optimized posting schedule that Tailwind automatically adjusts. You can also manually adjust your content schedule too.

With Tailwind’s content creation tools, you can also put together sleek social templates, edit your images swiftly, and then drop them into your queue. Through Tailwind Communities, you can also get more shares and share relevant content that you think your followers will love.

It’s one of the best tools if your audiences mainly browse and share on Pinterest and Instagram. If you’re new to Pinterest, Tailwind offers exceptional tools to publish and share more of your content while adding relevant content to your boards automatically with their content generator tools. It’s not an exact science, so you’ll still have to edit pin descriptions and links, but it’s much faster than doing all the research on content and topics to post by yourself.

Revive Social

What happens when your content gets old, and engagement starts to fall off? Revive Social offers a new way to promote your old posts while also creating relevant new content that your audiences will love. It’s helpful to grow your website traffic, keep social media followers engaged with your content, and automate your content schedules across multiple platforms.

Revive also provides WordPress plugins to help you expand your social media presence across all channels. If you find it difficult to share content frequently and need help with topics or what to post regularly, Revive Social can help you with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It’s also a good tool if you want complete control over how your content is shared, as well as tracking and managing click-throughs by visitors. You’re able to share all post types, including posts, pages, media, and custom post types. You can change the messaging on the fly so that your posts don’t get redundant either, which is helpful when revamping older content for the new year.



Since 2013, BuzzSumo has been one of the top social marketing tools for content research and analytics insights. You can see the popularity of every page and post, as well using a Chrome extension to get real-time analysis of competitors’ social pages.

It’s straightforward to find trending topics related to your niche and understand social media users and what they’re sharing related to your content. If you’re looking for influencers, you can use BuzzSumo to find the right influencer with the most engagement to partner with.

If you’re preparing a new content strategy, you can use BuzzSumo to research topics and get data points that help you sharpen your content, especially when targeting customer personas.


One way you can enhance hashtag aggregation for social exposure is through Tagboard. This tool is beneficial with all kinds of content and social channels, mainly because it pulls all content from any public social network profile that could be utilized as a brand hashtag. You’ll see all of your tags on a pinboard, making it easy to arrange by priority or what’s most important to each of your posts.

You’re able to track all of your brand tag mentions on all social media channels as well, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. If you’re looking to respond to comments and mentions with helpful advice or study your customer’s journey, this is an excellent tool to help you.


Canva tool

For those who simply want design and collaboration tools to create the best-looking social content, Canva is a fantastic graphic design and web design tool. It's also become one of the most popular online graphic design toolboxes because of its easy-to-use interface.

Whether you’re building a presentation, Instagram post, video, or other templates, you’re able to easily pick out the typography, layouts, and color palette using Canva. It will also simplify your social content templates, allowing designers and social managers to create the best posts together with one tool.

Small business owners, online influencers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and DIY marketers get the best use from Canva. The templates and tools are sophisticated, allowing you to create streamlined graphics and marketing assets with just a few clicks.

Canva is the perfect graphic illustration tool for online media. There are hundreds of templates for you to use, including post types for social media and infographics, logos, posters, and other categories.

It's a great tool that we recommend when helping with Facebook marketing for beginners because it's so easy to create high-quality modern social posts and adverts.

Bonus Idea! Use Typeform to Ask Questions on Social Media‍

Typeform questions and answers

It's just a simple fact. Social media audiences love quizzes, surveys, and polls. People like answering questions about their interests and seeing results that match them to a particular interest or explain how their answers relate.

You can create quizzes and polls for all types of topics that relate to your niche and audience. Typeform is also free and allows you to collect 100 responses for a month without paying anything. However, Pro versions do get some more features and more responses.

The quiz builder is the best part. You can create quizzes in multiple formats using images, multiple-choice, short answers, true or false, and much more.

One More Idea: Video Creation for Social Media‍

 Animoto video editor

We can't forget tools that help you create engaging videos to share on your channels. If you're creating blog content, then Animoto is one of the best tools. You can select a template, add your photos and text into different video clips, and Animoto builds a streamlined video to share in various formats, depending on where you'd like to post.

Biteable is another social media video maker that helps you create even more videos, whether you're a videographer or not. There are multiple templates to create any type of video, so you simply pick one and get started. You'll be able to add scenes, upload your content, and customize your text. Then, you merely export and save it to upload to your social media platforms.

Need More Help for Social Media Marketing?‍

If tools still don't help you with content creation, you may need other online marketing software and some helping hands from social media experts. We're here to help you with any type of social media marketing and content creation needs.

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