Reaching a New Customer Base in Business

Reaching a New Customer Base in Business Can Be Very Profitable
Kathryn ParkKathryn Park
March 21, 2020
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So, you’ve had your business for a while now, and it’s doing well. You’re considering a new product addition; it’s time to expand. You know that your current networking resources are reliable because you have satisfied existing customers; your current business model is steady. Reaching a new customer base in business can help your company thrive. Today, there are several tactics that you can use individually or altogether that can help you reach a new target audience. Here are 5 ways to successfully gather new, loyal customers.

1. Use Social Media

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Social media has several enormous platforms that can be used to engage with new potential customers. Many people spend hours of their day interacting with their social media pages. This is an excellent opportunity for using marketing tactics that increase brand awareness. To introduce your product or service to the world, you have to make sure that people see what you’ve created. You have to pair your business venture with a story that piques curiosity. You can do that by sharing relevant content on your social platforms. The more content you provide to your target customer’s preferred social media platform, the more likely they are to see your business. Consistent posts show your potential customer that you have a legitimate service for them, and you’re proving that by providing as much information about it as possible through an updated social platform. You can invite guests to visit your website by promoting it with social buttons. Ask your viewers to share, like or comment on your posts. If you’re responding to inquiries and being a personable host, your new followers will more than likely share their experience by word of mouth with their friends. A connected and engaged brand is crucial for attracting new customers.

2. Use Marketing Tactics That Can Appeal to Several Audiences

Techniques such as visual marketing, referral marketing, and emphasizing the benefits of having your business exist are three ingredients to a digital marketing cocktail. If you can expertly craft a phrase that explains how life with your product or service is exponentially better than life without it while visually displaying the perks via social media, and masterfully integrating referral marketing tactics, you will impress your viewers. This can turn them into new loyal customers. If you already have a customer base that enjoys what your brand does, the referral marketing will work flawlessly. Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend a brand that keeps them happy. You should invest the proper amount of time into developing a reliable customer service team that can solve customer requests. When you give to your customers, they’ll be more inclined to give back to you by referring you to their friends. Use relevant videos and infographics to show off your business’s flexibility and creativity. Captivating your audience with your visual work and blowing their minds with outstanding customer service is bound to increase customer retention.

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3. Offer A Free Trial

Who doesn’t enjoy gifts? Mention the word free and couple it with a sweet reward, and you’re sure to have a large group of interested individuals. For example, during the late fall, you can run holiday social media campaigns to promote your giveaways. Remember, timing is everything! Once you hook your target audience with the free opportunity, use this time to hold their attention. Keep them interested while you feed them more information about your business by asking them to share or comment on certain posts. Encourage them to interact with your social media page or website to reap the free offer. This method not only gives you the free promotion, but it also allows you to establish a relationship with the guests who are actively engaged with the free trial. You can invite your new trial guests to keep visiting your social media site to post their opinions and general feelings thus far towards their experience with the free trial. When done right, free trials convert to paying customers. At this point, you can easily continue using the marketing techniques that have helped you secure your original, loyal customer base.

4. Establish Strong Partnerships

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Partnering with other brands or companies that have a strong customer base of their own can give your business a significant exposure boost. Sometimes, people commit their loyalty, and their bank accounts, to certain brands because they believe in the cause or they truly resonate with the purpose of the brand’s existence. If you can showcase that you also share the same beliefs as your customers, or that you can also relate to the same cause, you can very easily attract a different type of audience while still maintaining your brand’s identity. Establishing a strong partnership means you’re exchanging resources with another brand to the benefit of both of your businesses. These exchanged efforts should work in your favor and your partner’s. You want to successfully market your product or service to their customer base and vice versa.

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5. Have A Customer Retention Plan

So, you’ve done the work. You have managed to attract a sturdy base of new customers after applying a strategic combination of several unique marketing tactics. All of that hard work shouldn’t be for naught. To say that your efforts were successful would be a mistake if you don’t secure your customer base. Seal the deal by developing a plan to keep your customers for the long-term. You should continuously implement retention strategies until you can confidently say that your newfound customer base is here to stay. Keep coming up with new marketing cocktails that appeal to your new guests. Continue offering them the best service and quality products that you advertised so consistently before. If your partnerships are strong, you can use their likeness to support your cause as you solidify the relationship with your new customer base. This can assist you greatly when you are working on eliminating the final, lingering acquisition challenges.

Reaching a new customer base in business is certainly a challenging pursuit. Your efforts can either make or break your business’s success, so strategically approaching your course of action is important to master. Patience, persistence and quality social media content can get you far. You can develop a strong relationship with your target audience by being present and attentive, and do not underestimate the value and power of great customer service! And don’t forget, a good SEO website design will help convert new visitors into new customers.

Now that you have all of the tools to put these strategies to work, you can enjoy the journey to new growth.

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